KIRD Program

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A Bilateral Framework providing financial support for collaborative industrial R&D ventures between Karnataka and Israeli companies


Funding DepartmentKarnataka Funding AgencyKarnataka Implementation AgencyIsraeli Funding Ministry/DepartmentIsraeli Implementation Agency

Department of
Science & Technology
Government of Karnataka


Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society (KSTePS)


Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST)


A bilateral agreement was entered into by Govt. of Karnataka with Israel for cooperation in the field of industrial and technological research and development, which is referred to as Karnataka–Israel Research & Development (KIRD) program on March 21, 2013 with the goal of supporting joint industrial R&D projects between Israeli and Karnataka-based companies.This agreement will be promoted and implemented by Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society (KSTePS) and Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST), autonomous organizations under the Department of Science and Technology on behalf of Government of Karnataka, while MATIMOP – Israeli Industry Centre for R&D on behalf of Govt. of Israel. Followed by this, a workshop was organized on May 7, 2013. Based on the recommendations of the workshop, proposals were invited from Industries in Karnataka, which are involved in R&D activities.The first call for the proposal was announced on 17th June 2013, with the call open for 3 months. Against this call, 10 project proposals were received from different fields like aerospace, clean technology, life science, medical devices, e-learning, internet etc.All the project proposals were evaluated by experts in the relevant field and further presented to the Screening Committee with all technical and budget details. After evaluation,the Screening Committee shortlisted 4 proposals. These selected proposals will be further discussed at the Joint Committee, which will have representation from both GoK and MATIMOP.


To implement the program in the state, KSCST took the initiative to create awareness among various industrial groups under the MSME purview. Followed by this, an Expert and Monitoring Committees have been constituted to evaluate and monitor the progress of the selected projects.

In the first call made in 2013, two proposals viz., M/s. Blue Neem Medical Devices Pvt. ltd., for the Project on Contisphere, at a cost of Rs.90,00,000/- and  M/s. Rangsons Schuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mysore for the  project on “Development of Aviation flexible hoses with Titanium ends fittings” at a cost of Rs.2,50,00,000/-,  were selected and approved for implementation in 2014.

The status of fund release for both the organisations are as follows:

Name of the Company

M/s.Blue Neem Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.

M/s.Rangsons Schuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



Development of Aviation flexible Hoses with Titanium end fittings.

Funding approved



1st instalment credited

35% of approved fund


Rs.35% of approved fund

Rs.87,50,000/- (May-2015)

2nd  instalment credited

Rs.27,50,000/- (April- 2016)


3rd instalment to be disbursed



A technical evaluation for M/s. Blue Neem Medical Devices Pvt., Bengaluru has been conducted at M.S. Raamaiah Medical College and Hospital. It was evaluated by Dr. H.K. Nagarj, HOD, Department of Urology, and Dr. N. Arjun Department of Urology on 22nd Sept.2016 and  recommended for further clinical trials. Technical evaluation for M/s. Rangsons Schuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mysuru will be conducted shortly.

After technical evaluation for both the companies, an action will be taken to organise Monitoring Committee meeting to take decision on the release of third instalment as well as extending the project periods, wherever required. 


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