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​Lab-in-a-box Program through Agastya International Foundation (Agastya)

Agastya International Foundation is a Bengaluru based non-profit educational trust that seeks to transform and stimulate the thinking of economically disadvantaged children. Agastya does this by bringing innovative science education to the doorstep of Government Schools in various states in India.​​​ For FY. 2016-'17, KSTePS in association with Agstya is providing  350 Lab-in-a-box which contains experiments / models based on curriculum of high school and teacher training for 500 government school teachers. 

Target Segment: Government school children and teachers.

Project Objectives:

The objectives of our proposed collaboration for the time period of are as follows:

1. Increase access to practical, hands-on Science education for economically disadvantaged government school children.

​2. To Spark Curiosity, Creativity and build leadership among underprivileged children.

3. To supplement Government School system with experiential science learning

4. Train teachers from government schools in hands on pedagogy.


Project Overview:​

​Lab in a Box (LIB) is a unique concept designed by Agastya out of many years of experience to facilitate scale-up. Science models and experiments are organized concept-wise based on pre-designed learning modules and placed in boxes - typically ten boxes covering majority of physics, chemistry and biology concepts. The 10 boxes are left with a school/teacher and this facilitates hands-on learning in the school. Agastya instructors will facilitate sessions, train teachers and clarify scientific concepts during the first year of the program and Government school teachers will take sessions in their respective schools. 

Structure of the Program:

  • One set (10 boxes) containing experiments pertaining to class 8th to 10th and would be provided to each of the 350 schools making 350 LIB sets available to facilitate hands-on sessions.
  • 500 Teachers will be trained on the induction and use of the LIB kits which will includes 350 teachers from the schools where the kits will be distributed during this year and another 150 teachers from the schools where the kits were delivered over the last three years.
  • Agastya will deploy one instructor for every 10 schools who will be actively involved in monitoring, and clarifying scientific concepts during the first year of the program.
  • Teacher training workshops will be organized at Taluk level with 25 teachers attending a session from 23 May 2016 25 schools belonging to one cluster. The workshop will be conducted by one of Agastya’s resource Person and held for 3 days for a batch of 25 teachers. Twenty such workshops will be organized to cover 500 teachers.
  • Teachers will be trained to use the LIB contents for hands-on teaching in the classroom.It would be used by the government school teachers to teach concepts through hand-on methods.​


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