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Astronomy is perhaps one of the first science that human beings have explored. From the dim millennia of prehistory, observing the sky was a natural habit for the people. From understandin​g seasons to exploring the vast expanse of universe, sky observation has been integral part of human ingenuity. This is indeed, man's intuitive desire to know more about the Universe and comprehend the mysteries of the cosmos. It is for this reason that the Taramandal/Planetarium facility is assuming greater importance in recent years. It provides an opportunity for the students and general public to explore the night sky and understand the celestial world of stars and planets and other astronomical objects that surround us, besides many educational programs, all under the artificial night sky created inside a domed theatre.

Thus, state-of-the-art Active 3D digital planetariums are proposed for Dharwad Regional Science Centre, which is situated in the pristine Karnatak University Campus in Dharwad, Pilikula Regional Science Centre, Mangalore, Sub-Regional Science centre Bagalakot​ and Karnataka State Women's University, Vijayapura​.​​


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