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Science Gallery, a flagship initiative of Science Gallery International (SGI), Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland has been providing a new model and opportunities for engaging young adults with the world of science and innovation since its establishment in 2008. Further, network of science galleries have become popular across the world, as they develop an ever changing program of events, exhibitions and experience linking science, technology and arts, unlike Science Museums, which are mostly static.

Considering this, DST, GoK has entered into an agreement with Science Gallery International (SGI) to establish a Science Gallery in Bengaluru in association with local academic partners such as IISc, NCBS and Srishti School of Arts for Design and Technology, Bengaluru. In order to steer and guide the establishment of Science Gallery in Bengaluru, a steering group was constituted vide G.O.No:DST 218 STS 2012 dated December 14, 2012 under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary to Govt., Dept. Of IT, BT & S&T,Govt. of Karnataka with experts from IISc;NCBS;Nimhans;DST-GoI;VITM;Srishti School of Arts, Design and Technology and DST, GoK as members.

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