Science Centres and Planetaria

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​With an aim to popularise developments in science and technology among general public, particularly for rural students in order to develop scientific temper, scientific thinking and spirit of enquiry, an action has already been taken-up by the Dept. of Science and Technology to establish science centres in different locations across the State in association with Govt. of India. These centres based on the concept of "hands-on, minds on" way of learning through models/exhibits which will also enable studen​ts, teachers and general public to develop interest in science, scientific enquiry, hostering creativity and curiosity.

These science centres are being established in district headquarters, which are either called Regional Science Centres or Sub-Regional Science Centres. Regional Science Centers are larger in size, which are being established on an equal cost sharing basis between Govt. of India and Govt. of Karnataka. Sub-Regional Science Centers also have same objectives as that of regional science centers, but they are of smaller in size. These Sub – Regional Science Centres are being established with full funding support from the State Govt. In the Rstate, currently an action has been taken for establishment of 3 Regional Science Centres and 13 Sub-Regional Science Centres.​

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