​​Dairy Development​

Karnataka is one of the leading States in milk production producing 32,00,000 Kg per day. Currently the State ranks second in milk production in the country. The Co-operative society’s model has been very successful in the State. The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is the apex body of the milk co-operative societies. There are 13 district level co-operative unions with 11,036 primary milk co-operative societies. 

The KMF and the district union have established dairies, chilling plants and units to produce milk products such as milk powder, ghee, butter, ice-cream etc. These are sold under the brand name of “Nandini” in the market both within and outside the State. 



Strengthening of Infrastructure for quality and clean milk production


Dairy Programme for Women


Incentive to Milk Producers


Milk Unions at Gulbarga and Bidar


Cold storage units in Belgaum and Gulbarga