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Forms & Publications

About this page: Use this page to find all departments e-Forms and publications. Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print any of these publications.
Note: To download a form or document to your local PC, (right)-click the mouse button and then select Save As to save the document.



1Form of Application for Arms LicenseApplication Form
2Karnataka State Rifle Association - Application for Civilian Rifle Traininig Cource Application form
3SulabhaNakshe Acknowledgement Form Download Sulabha Nakshe Acknowledgement Form
4Clinical Facilities and Officers Directory Download P-101



Health dept-Application for Birth Certificate

Instructions for birth certificate application form

Download F-110

Download I-110


Health dept-Application for Death Certificate

Health dept-Instructions for death certificate application form

Download F-111

Download I-111

7Horticulture Services Guide Download P-502



Khata Application form

Khata Application Acknowledgement form



9Welfare Dept-Org ChartP-608
10Application for allotment of Industrial Shed/PlotDownload Form
11Muncipal Councils-Application for Transfer/Modification of entries in Property Tax RegisterApplication Form
12Muncipal Councils-Application for Grant of Trade License/ Renewal of License from Town/City Muncipal CouncilsApplication Form
13Muncipal Councils-Application for Water Suply Connection to Private PremisesApplication Form
14Muncipal Councils-Application for Birth ReportForm no.1
15Muncipal Councils-Application for Death ReportForm no.2
16Muncipal Councils-Application for Still Birth ReportForm no.3
17E & T-Application Form for Compulsory Notificaion of VacanciesForm ER-1
18BESCOM-Application for HT Power Supply (Regulation 8 of E.S.R 1988)Download Form
19BESCOM-Application for Requisition for LT Power Supply up to 66 H.P/50KW under Regulation 7 of ESR 1988Download Form
20BESCOM-Application for Requisition for Power Supply to Multystoreyed Buildings and Installations in the Perview of regulation of 9 of ESR 1988Download Form
21BESCOM-Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission [Consumer Complaints Handling Procedure] Regulations 2004 Download Form
22BESCOM-Electronic Clearing Service Scheme-Consumerrs Authorisation to pay monthly electricity bills
through ECS Scheme
Download Form
23Pension-Application for Destitute Widow PensionApplication Form
24Pension- Application for the Grant of Family Pension, 1994, on the Death of Govt Servent/Pensioner Form 14
25Registration -Memorandum of MarriageForm - 1
26Registration - Special Marriage under the Act - 1954Download Form
27RTO - Issue of Learner's licenceCMV-2
28RTO - Duplicate Learner's licenceKMV-1A
29RTO - Permanent Driving LicenceCMV-4
30RTO - Renewal of Driving LicenceCMV-9
31RTO - Addition of new class of vehicle to a driving licenceCMV-8
32RTO - Duplicate Driving LicenceKMV-1
33RTO - Change of Address in Learners' licence/Driving LicenceOn plain paper
34International Driving PermitForm 4-A
35RTO - Issue of Conductor licenceKMV-12KMV-13
36RTO - Renewal of Conductor licenceKMV-13KMV-15
37RTO - Medical FormsCMV Form 1 & CMV form 1-A
38RTO - Temporary RegistrationKMV-18
39RTO - Permanent RegistrationCMV-20
40RTO - Transfer of OwnershipCMV-29 (in duplicate)CMV-30
41RTO - Transfer of Ownership in case of death of registered owner CMV-31
42RTO - Noting of Hire Purchase/Lease/HypothecationCMV-34
43RTO - Termination of Hire Purchase/Lease/HypothecationCMV-35
44RTO - Change of AddressCMV-33KMV-27 (in case of other state vehicle)
45RTO - Issue of No-Objection Certificate (NOC)CMV-28 (in quadruplicate)
46RTO - Issue of Clearance CertificateOn plain paper
47RTO - Payment of TaxKMVT-14
48RTO - Renewal of Registration CertificateCMV-25
49RTO - Issue/Renewal of Fitness CertificateKMV-20
50RTO - Application for Refund of TaxForm 16   
51RTO - Application For Transfer Of Ownership In The Name Of The Person Succeeding To The Possession Of The VehicleForm 31
52RTO - Application for the issue of Duplicate Certificate of RegistrationForm 26
53Women & Child Dept - Application Form for Day care Homes(Creches)Download Form
54Women & Child Dept - Application Cun Monitoring Form for Grant-In-Aid for Integrated Programme for Street Childerns Download Form
55Women & Child Dept - Application for Grant-In-Aid under the Central Scheme for construction/expansion of Hostel Building for Working WomensDownload Form
56Women & Child Dept - Application for Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Rules, 2006Download Form
57Women & Child Dept - Form to be filled by the Suitor for Marriage Proposal Download Form
58Commercial Taxes Dept - Down loadable forms under KVAT, ACT, 2003 KVAT
59Commercial Taxes Dept - Index of downloadable forms under the Central Sales Tax ActCST
60Commercial Taxes Dept - Index of downloadable forms under the Entertainment Tax ActKET
61Commercial Taxes Dept - Index of downloadable forms under the Karnataka Proffession Tax Act,1979KPT
62Commercial Taxes Dept - Index of downloadable forms under the Entry Tax ActKTEG
63Commercial Taxes Dept - Index of downloadable forms under the Luxury Tax ActKLT
64SSLC Board - Application For Re-totallingDownload
65SSLC Board - Application For Revaluation of Answer ScriptsDownload
66SSLC Board - Application For Photocopy of Answer ScriptsDownload
67SSLC Board - Application For Claiming School CodesDownload
68SSLC Board - Application For Migration CerificatesDownload
69SSLC Board - Application For Declaration of Date of BirthDownload
70SSLC Board - Application For Duplicate Marks CardDownload
71SSLC Board - Application For Statement of MarksDownload
72PUC Board - Application for Re-Totaling of marks of second Pre-University answer scriptsDownload
73PUC Board - Collection of Bio-Data for upgrading List of Principals & Lecturers in the institutions imparting Pre University Education in KarnatakaDownload
74PUC Board - Enrolment cum Application form for 2nd Pre University ExaminationDownload
75PUC Board - Application Form to receive 2nd Pre University Marks CardDownload
76PUC Board - Index of downloadable forms under the Luxury Tax ActDownload
77PUC Board - Request letter for correction in Marks CardDownload
78PUC Board - Circular for collecting Duplicate Marks Card & Marks Card correction of 2nd PUCDownload
79PUC Board - Application form for Duplicate Marks Card for 2nd Pre University ExaminationDownload
80PUC Board - Application form for Revaluation of 2nd Pre University Examination Answer ScriptsDownload
81PUC Board - Application form for Photo Copy of Answer script of 2nd Pre University ExaminationDownload
82PUC Board - Eligibility Certificate for participating in sports eventsDownload
83Labour Dept - The Beedi & Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) (Karnataka) Rules, 1966Download
84Labour Dept - The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) (Karnataka) Rules, 1974Download
85Labour Dept - The Karnataka Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 1961Download
86Labour Dept - The Karnataka Shops & Commercial Establishments Rules, 1963Download
87Labour Dept - The Karnataka Motor Transport Workers Rules, 1964Download
88Labour Dept - The Karnataka Payment of Gratuity Rules, 1973Download
89Labour Dept - The Plantations Labour (Karnataka) Rules, 1956Download
90Labour Dept - The Karnataka Trade Unions Regulations, 1938Download
91Labour Dept - The Payment of Bonus Rules, 1975Download
92Labour Dept - The Karnataka Maternity Benefit Rules, 1966Download
93Labour Dept - The Inter State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979Download

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