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The environmental status of Karnataka in present situation is changing drastically due to rapid urbanization, industrialization, migration, population growth, etc., 



The Indian State Level Basic Environmental Information Database Project is an initiative by MoEF to enable the ENVIS centres to collect information related to various sectors and feed them to the ISBEID interface on the MoEF website

Karnataka Profile


The profile of the Karnataka gi​ves historical, geographic, demographic, economic, cultural...etc details of all the districts of the state. 

Recent Publications


»» State of Environment Report Karnataka 2015 | 2016

»» Karnataka State Action Plan on Climate Change – 1st Assessment | 2012

»» Inventorisation of Red Category Industries In Karnataka | 2011

»» Karnataka State Action Plan on Climate Change – Rapid Assessment of Sectoral Actions Initiated | 2010

»» State of Environment Report Bangalore 2008 | 2009





ENVIS Centre Karnataka under the mandate of ENVIS activities, publishes quarterly newsletters annually under the name ‘Parisara’ meaning ‘environment’ in Kannada. 

Green Information


The section has details on Karnataka's natural resources and the status of their conservation. It has information on water resources, flora and fauna diversity, land resources, forests, lakes of Karnataka, energy, climate change. 



Today, the environmental issues and its relevance are being considered by everyone. The destruction and deterioration of natural resources is at its peak which has led to expose these emerging issues. 



The National Green Corps programme is an Environmental Education initiative supported by MoEF & Govt. of Karnataka to spread awareness among children about environmental issues.



ENVIS library has more than 2,132 catloged items on environmental legislation, natural resource management, training modules on environmental management, State of Environment Reports (SoER), annual reports, journals, ...etc.


​Birds of Karnataka,
Freshwater &
Marine Fishes,
Medicinal plants &
Fauna of Bangalore,
Butterflies of Western Ghats,
Giant African Snail,
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