The Environmental Information System (ENVIS) is a project of the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India to facilitate generation & dissemination of information on environmental issues. MoEF has signed an agreement with the World Bank for Environmental Management Capacity Building (EMCB) Technical Assistance Project. This sub-component aims to strengthen ENVIS by expanding its reach through networking with various organizations in the government, academic institutions, NGO's and corporate sectors. The activities of the centre includes:
Launching of website in the subject area allotted with regional language interface and develop linkages with ENVIS centres
Establishing linkages with users/organizations
Create and maintain databank on environment related issues
Information on queries to departments, organizations, scientific institutions etc.
Building up inventory of information material
Supply information to the ENVIS programme
Identify data gaps and knowledge gaps in the subject area and take action to fill the gaps
Collect reports & journals in the subject area for requisite database
The long-term objectives of ENVIS Centre are:
To build up repositories and dissemination centers in various subject areas of environment and environmental engineering
To adopt modern technologies of information acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination
To support and promote research, development and innovation in environmental information technology​