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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can give a complaint / pass on information / approach ACB…?
    Anybody can give a complaint or pass information to the ACB
  2. How can I approach ACB Officers?
    You can contact your nearest ACB official in person or through telephone/ emails.  The telephone /emails can be found at Contact Us page.
  3. Whether any written complaint is necessary…?
    Yes, Complaints have to be given in writing. However, information can be passed on otherwise also e.g. through phone, e-mail, or personally to ACB Officials and also by Post.
  4. Does ACB have any format for giving a complaint/information?
  5. Where should complainant register a complaint? 
    At the ACB Police Station near to the complainant residence or at the Hq, ACB Bengaluru.
  6. Which types of crimes does ACB investigate? 
    Trap, Disproportionate of Assets (Accumulation of wealth by public servant beyond means) and Criminal Misconduct by the public servants. The Bureau handles all cases registered under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.
  7. What is Trap? When complainant can give a trap complaint?
    Wherein an accused (Public servant) is nabbed red handed while demanding or accepting bribe money. And while complainant can give a trap complaint when there is a demand of bribe for doing or not doing of legal work.
  8. Who provides the money used for laying the trap? Whether trap money is returned to the complainant?
    The money used in laying the trap is to be provided by aggrieved complainant. Later the trap money is returned to complainant after certain days.
  9. Whether ACB keeps identity of complainant secret? What is the protection to a person, if he/she gives a complaint or pass on information toACB?
    Yes, identity of complainant is kept secret, except in trap complaints, If any public servant is trapped by ACB on a complaint given by a person, there interests will be safe-guarded/protected by ACB.
  10.  Will he/she be rewarded if he/she give a complaint / information …?
    The complainant will be rewarded suitably depending on the merits of the case.

    Note:  If you have any other questions/Queries please contact the nearest ACB Office for clarifications or ACB Help Line

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