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Any person can approach and submit a complaint to the nearby ACB police stations at city and district level as listed in the contact Us column of the page.  Approach the Dy.Superindendent of Police/Inspector of Police (SHO) or the senior officers at the Head Office of ACB at Khanija Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore. As far as possible, the complaint should be a written or typed one by the complainant. There is no need of any stamp fees or any other payment for making a complaint.

If the complainant is illiterate, he can get his complaint written by a scribe, whose name and address should also be written at the end of the complaint, and the scribe should also certify in writing that the contents were read over and explained to the complainant and found to be correct. The complainant should also affix his left thumb impression at the end.

If the complainant is literate, his signatures should be taken at the end of the complaint.

Normally action will not be initiated on anonymous and pseudonymous complaints. However, if they contain verifiable and specific allegations, they may be probed into.

Written complaints/information can also be sent by Post (preferably by registered post). The officers of ACB can also be contacted by telephone. The telephone numbers can be found in           Contact Us..

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