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Biomass Energy for Rural India (BERI) Project sponsored by GEF-UNDP, ICEF, Government of India and Government of Karnataka is being implemented in India to demonstrate the local objective of decentralized renewable energy production technology to augment the rural energy needs and capacity building of the local communities to manage the system in a sustainable way.

The Project aims at developing and implementing a bio-energy technology package to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and to promote a sustainable and participatory approach in meeting rural energy needs. The project is being implemented in a cluster of about 24 villages of Tumkur district in Karnataka State of India. The project goals will be achieved through

(i). Demonstration of technical feasibility and financial viability of bio-energy technologies on a significant scale;

(ii). Building capacity and development of appropriate mechanisms for implementation, management and monitoring of the project;

(iii). Developing financial, institutional and market strategies to overcome the identified barriers for large scale replication of the bio-energy package for decentralized applications; and,

(iv). Dissemination of the bio-energy technology and information package on a large scale. of the bio-energy technology and information package on a large scale.

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