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 General Information about the department

 Teaching faculty

 Non teaching faculty


 Academic Activities

 Research Activities


General Information about the department
Teaching faculty

1Dr. Priya RanganathMBBS,MSProfessor & HOD
2Dr. Pushpalatha MMBBS,MDProfessor
3Dr. Rajeshwari MSMBBS,MDProfessor
4Dr. Meenakshi PMBBS,MDAssociate Professor
5Dr. Akhilandeswari BMBBS,MDAssociate Professor
6Dr. Sumathi SMBBS,MDAssistant Professor
7Dr. Pushpa MSMBBS,MDAssistant Professor
8Dr. Lavanya CMBBS,MDAssistant Professor
9Dr. Lakshmi Devi MMBBS,MDAssistant Professor
10Dr. Sowmya SMBBS,MDAssistant Professor
11Dr. Vinitha GMBBS, MD Assistant Professor
12Dr. SaralaMBBS, MDTutor
13Ms. Sharmada KLMScTutor
14Dr. Chitra NMBBSPG cum Tutor
15Dr. Shwetha BMBBSPG cum Tutor
16Dr. Shyamala BYMBBSPG cum Tutor
17Dr. SubitchaMBBSPG cum Tutor
18Dr. NandishMBBSPG cum Tutor

Non teaching faculty

1Ms. Yashoda BTechnician
2Mr. Ashwath NarayanModeler
3Ms. PramilaGroup D
4Ms. SabirabiGroup D
5Ms. JayammaGroup D
6Mr. AdiGroup D
7Mr. ObleshGroup D
8Ms. PadmaGroup D
7Ms. GowriOutsourced Group D

Services Teaching I MBBS, I BDS, I BSc AHS, I BSc Nursing, Paramedical Board students
Academic ActivitiesTeaching programme

For the month of
Sl NoUG (numbers/--month)PG(numbers/--month)
Seminars-Every Monday & Friday
Journal club-Once a week
Guest lecturesLecture (6 hours per week) & practical classes (10 hours of dissection & 2 hours of histology per week) As and when asked for by different institutions or organizationsDr. Priya: 'dermatoglphics in clinical practice' at Anthropometry CME  at MIMS, Mandya Dr. Pushpa: 'nerve involovement in leprosy' at  Dermatology conference on hand and foot care in leprosy at SDUMC, Kolar
Case presentationsDemonstrations/tutorials (2 hours a week)-
Any others, specify.--

Research Activities

Research Projects: ongoing

Dr. Priya Ranganath, Professor & Head

Finger ridge counts in idiopathic epilepsy

Dermatoglyphics in clinical conditions

Fluctuating asymmetry in dermatoglyphics in idiopathic epilepsy

Articulating facets of carpal bones

Muscular dystrophies

Acute coronary syndrome

Carpal tunnel

Femoral a

Sacralization of coccyx

Nutrient foramen of humerus


Circle of Willis

Lumbar n


Popliteal m

Nutrient foramen of ulna

Anorectal malformation


Dr. Pushpalatha M, Professor

Study of superior thyroid artery

Dr. Rajeshwari MS, Professor

Attachment of lateral pterygoid muscle & its relations with maxillary artery & branches of mandibular nerve

Morphological study of suprascapular notch

Cadaveric study of origin, course & branches of phrenic nerve

Dr. Akhilandeswari B, Associate Prof

Study of mental foramina in dry South Indian skulls

Study of infra-orbital foramen in dry South Indian skulls

Arterial supply to suprarenal gland

Dr. Pushpa MS, Assistant Prof

Study of axillary artery

Study of infraclavicular part of brachial plexus

Cadaveric study of femoral artery & its branches

Dr. Sowmya, Assistant Prof

Study of femoral artery & its deep branches

Study of lateral circumflex femoral artery

Morphology & morphometry of pterion

Role of genetic variations of folate metabolic pathway gene in etiology of stillbirth in Indian women

Dr. Vinitha, Assistant Prof

A study of papillary muscles of tricuspid valve

A study on branching part of celiac trunk with its surgical importance

Dr. Lakshmidevi M,  Assistant Prof

Extrahepatic biliary ductal anatomical variations with clinical significance

Dr. Chitra, PG cum tutor

Study on anconeus

Dr. Shyamala BY, PG cum tutor

Morphological study of inferior orbital fissure

Publications of the faculty and students 2014, 2015

S. NoPublicationNational / International
1.  Shilpa K, Sumathi S, Priya Ranganath & Sameer PA. Morphologic variation of musculocutaneous nerve: a case report. South Asian Anthropologist, 2014, 14 (1): 69-72International
2.  Sowmya S, Priya R, Meenakshi P, Shwetha B. Study of trophoblasts and histological changes of fallopian tube in tubal pregnancy and anatomical considerations for its early rupture. International Journal of Anatomy and Research, 2014, 2 (4): 609-13International
3.  Priya Ranganath. Genes in cardiovascular malformations: a review. South Asian Anthropologist, 2014, 14 (2): 161-169International
4.  Suma MP, Vijay Kumar, Priya Ranganath. An anatomical study of superficial palmar arch. Int J Anat Res 2014, 2(4):735-39.International
5.  Vijay Kumar, Priya Ranganath. Morphology of ulnar nerve in axilla and arm and its variations. Int J Anat Res 2014, 2(4):677-80.International
6.  Vidya KS, Priya Ranganath, Synostosis of ribs. South Asian Anthropologist 2015 (1)International
7.  Shyamala BY, Akhilandeswari BPriya Ranganath. A cadaveric study of the human lung fissures & their variations. Anatomica Karnataka 2015, 9 (2), 44-48International
8Pushpalatha MSharmada, Meenakshi P. Dicephaly – a complication of twin pregnancy – a case report.  Journal of Evidence based medicine & health care. Vol 1 (3) 2014: 152-156International
9.Pushpa MS, Nandini V. Unusual bilateral presence of third head of sternocleidomastoid muscle & its clinical significane – a case report. International Journal of Recent Scientific ResearchInternational
10Meenakshi P, Sowmya SSharmada. Study of medial circumflex femoral artery & its clinical & surgical importance. International Journal of Anatomy & ResearchInternational
11Meenakshi P. Sowmya S, Sharmada . Bilateral anomalous muscle in popliteus fossa & its clinical significance. International Journal of Anatomy & ResearchInternational
12Meenakshi P, Vidya KS. Study on fused vertebral  body along with ossified vertebral ligaments. Journal of evidence based medicine & health careNational
13Vinitha G. Bicipital rib – a case report. International Journal of biomedical researchInternational
14Vinitha G. Correlation of stature in relation to head length in children. International Journal of Health care sciencesInternational
15Vinitha G, Sarala, Priya Ranganath. A cadaveric study of coronary preponderance. International journal of anatomy & researchInternational
16Pushpalatha M, Chitra N. Variation in subscapular artery – a study. Journal of Evidence Based medicine & healthcare. Jan 2015. 2 (4) 308-312National
17Venae oblionica alias occipital emissary foramina – an osteological study in North Indian population
18Pushpalatha M, Srujana. A case report on variation in branching part of facial trunk. IJCRR 2014, 5 (26), 105-108International
19Pushpalatha M, Sharmada. Topographic anatomy & morphology of nutrient foramen of clavicle – an osteological study. JEBMH. Feb 2015, 2 (6), 729-735International
20Pushpalatha M. JEBMH Sep 2014, 1 (7), 661-667Intnernational

Conference presentations of 2014, 2015

Sl noTitle of the presentationDetails of the conferenceName & Designation of the Presenter
1Extra head of triceps brachiiRSA, Kuppam, 2015Pushpa MS, Assistant Prof
2Cadaveric study on coronary preponderanceRSA, Kuppam, 2015Vinitha G, Assistant Prof
3Correlation & regression analysis of stature in relation to head length in childrenKCA 2015 (accepted)Vinitha G, Assistant Prof
4Webbed neck with spina bifida cysticaKCA 2015 (accepted)Vinitha G, Assistant Prof
53D printing technology in anatomyKCA 2014, DharwadChitra N, PG cum tutor
6Suprascapular foramen- a case reportRSA 2015, KuppamChitra N, PG cum tutor
7Aberrant accessory renal arteryKCA 2014, DharwadDr. Shwetha B, PG cum tutor
8Accessory foramen transversariumRSA, Kuppam, 2015Dr. Shwetha B, PG cum tutor
9Variations in bifurcation of brachial arteryKCA, Tumkur 2015 (accepted)Dr. Shwetha B, PG cum tutor
10Separate belly of flexor digitorum profundusKCA, Tumkur 2015 (accepted)Dr. Shwetha B, PG cum tutor
11Human cadaveric study of ascending pharyngeal arteryKCA 2014 DharwadDr. Shyamala BY, PG cum tutor
12A cadaveric study of human lung fissures & their variationsRSA Kuppam 2015Dr. Shyamala BY, PG cum tutor
13CraniorachischisisRSA Kuppam 2015Dr. Subitcha, PG cum tutor
14Sacralization of lumbar vertebraKCA Tumkur 2015 (accepted)Dr. Subitcha, PG cum tutor

Dissertations for 2014, 2015

Sl.NoTitleName of the studentName of the guide
1Plantar arterial archDr.Chitra NDr. Rajeshwari MS
2Variations in origin, course, termination of common peroneal nerveDr Shwetha BDr. Pushpa MS
3A human cadaveric study of external carotid artery & its variationsDr. Shyamala BYDr. Akhilandeswari B
4Origin & branches of renal artery & their measurement with accessory renal artery if presentDr. SubitchaDr. Lavanya C

CME / Workshops conducted in 2014, 2015 -  nil

Conferences conducted in 2014, 2015 - nil

Notice board (Awards, achievements of students and faculty, new services)

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