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​About Capacity Building

The State of Karnataka has always been a pioneer and front runner in terms of understanding and creating the awareness of e-Governance necessity for its state Government employees across the entire cross section of hierarchy from HOD and 2IC’s till the last man stakeholder, in terms of creating required level of sensitization training programmes regarding the various levels of ever growing changes with respect to technology, processes and best practices. These training programmes have been designed to enhance the functional capability of Government mechanism for better and faster delivery of citizen services.

In respect to which a series of 01 day, half day and 03 day workshops have been organized and successfully conducted by Centre for E-Governance at various levels and intervals.

Taking this initiative forward, the felt need is addressed in conducting e-governance capacity building workshops in collaboration with CDAC and NISG for carrying out knowledge specific and Specialized Training in e-Governance Programmes (STEP) under State Government capacity building workshops.

It is envisaged to develop competencies and skills of e-Governance project implementation teams across State Government sectors, cutting through the hierarchy of offices of various line departments up to field level implementation.​

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