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About e-District​

e-District is one of the 31 MMPs under NeGP, with the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India (GoI) as the nodal department, to be implemented by State Government or their designated agencies.  The e-District Mission Mode Project (MMP)) is envisaged to strengthen the district administration of the state by providing ICT support to the participating departments and district administration in terms of providing centralized software application for selected category of citizen services and training for staff of the departments with a view to improve delivery of the citizen services being rendered by these departments.

Under the e-District project for Karnataka, EDCS has already identified citizen centric services spread across different departments and has prepared the necessary Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) & Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) document that explains the complete process flow of each of the services.  Under this MMP it is intended to create a common application platform that shall be hosted centrally at the Karnataka State Data Centre (KSDC).

Services developed under e-District project would be delivered through various delivery channels like:

  • Direct access by Citizens through e-District portal as a registered user.
  • Existing Atal Jana Snehi Kendra's / B1 / K1 service centres.
  • Common Service Centres (To be Established upto Grama Panchayat Level).

The processing of service request happens through e-District back-end application for all the identified Services.  The e-District platform would also be integrated with the existing applications of different departments that provide citizen services.


  • e-District project envisages electronic processing and delivery of identified high volume citizen centric services  at  the district level and below.
  • e-District project along with other MMPs such as CSC, SDC and SWAN shall be instrumental in making the vision of NeGP stated below a reality;

“Make all Government Services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the common man”.


The e-District MMP has various components as stated below;

  • Portal with workflow based application for delivery of citizen services from different departments.
  • e-District Platform shall be hosted on centralized architecture at Karnataka State Data Centre.  Departmental staff shall have role based access to the services of their departments.  Citizens can access the e-District application over the internet and can avail the services under different departments online.
  • Every district shall constitute District e-Governance Society (DeGS) and Deputy Commissioner of the district shall be its chairman with members from different departments.
  • District Project Managers shall be hired by Directorate of EDCS and placed in each district who shall report to the Deputy Commissioner and shall support in implementation of e-District.
  • Gap IT infrastructure such as; Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Multi-Function devices etc. shall be provided to the participating departments which do not have any automated software to deliver the citizen services.
  • Data digitization in the form of Data entry shall be done for the services included under e-District for the participating departments which do not have any automated software to delivery of identified citizen services.
  • Capacity Building, Change Management, Awareness and Sensitization programs shall be carried out to the participating departments so as to enable them to use the e-District platform for delivery of identified citizen services.


  • District e-Governance Societies (DeGS) formed in 27 out of 30 districts.
  • NIC has been selected as Application Development Agency (ADA) which shall provide the necessary support in application development and integration with existing applications.
  • Tender evaluation for selection of manpower agency to supply District Project Manager (DPM) one for each district, is in progress.

Overall status of the project: Under Implementation.


As per DeitY guidelines the services to be considered under e-District should be "high volume services" & "which would make a significant difference to the citizens in terms of savings in cost, time, effort and hardships".  Two category of services are mandated by DeitY, GoI namely; National Mandatory Category and State Selected Category.

Directorate of EDCS has shortlisted around 346 citizen services as "Portfolio of Services" under the e-District MMP which are spread across 29 departments. It is to be noted that 279 services are already computerised and are in use by the respective departments.  e-District project shall seamlessly integrate with all the applications that are already developed to provide these 279 services.

Also, e-District project shall develop the required back-end workflow and user interfaces for the remaining 67 services.  All these services shall be made accessible to citizens through e-District Portal which will be a single platform for delivery of all these services. 

The details of the services are as below;

Under the National Mandatory category of services the following sub-category of services are identified;

Sub-CategoryNo. of Services
Certificates 32
Social Welfare (Pensions)7
Revenue Court Cases17
Ration Card Services10
RTI and Grievances5

Under the State Selected category of services the following sub-category of services are identified;

Sub-CategoryNo. of Services
AYUSH Department3
Karnataka Slum Development Board3
Dept. of Differently Abled and Sr Citizens 2
Revenue (MAG Court Cases)2
Dept. of Electrical Inspectorate21
Dept. of Agriculture3
Dept. of Social Welfare4
Dept. of Tribal Welfare4
Dept. of Minorities12
Dept. of Backward Classes Welfare9
Revenue (Services)3
Department of Commercial Taxes6
Department of Forests2
Inspector General of Registration (IGR)13
Karnataka State Education Examination Board (KSEEB)2
Labour Department20
Department of Employment Exchange2
Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation3
Women & Child Development1
Department of Excise8
Dept. of Health & Family Welfare5
Transport Department (RTO)5
Transport Department (KSRTC)6
Commerce & Industries Department7
Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RDPR)68
Karnataka Housing Board (KHB)9
Directorate of Municipal Administration7
Directorate of Pre-University Education,9
Department of Public Instruction36


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Sri. K. G. Rajeshwar

​Project Manager.

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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore 560 001
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