​​​​​​Diploma in Precision Manufacturing​​

With the advent of CNC & computer technology in manufacturing, the emphasis shifted to technology driven manufacturing than skill based work. There was a large demand for trained manpower that is capable of using this technology in the industry. Precision manufacturing is required in growing aerospace industry, medical & automotive sector & machine tool industry.

 Sensing this need in the industry & the potential for growth, Diploma in precision manufacturing course was started in GTTC in 2007. This is a four year course where in three years they will study in GTTC and one year will be full time in plant training in the related industry. The diploma certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

The students will learn various subjects like production technology, jigs & fixture theory & design, CAD CAM technology, advanced manufacturing process, etc. they will also get hands on experience on CNC machines.

The students passed out in this filed are mostly placed in high end segments like aerospace industries, automotive, engineering services.

Government Tool Room & Training Center

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