Research & Development

Technology has been defined as an ethnological study of the development of Industrial Art. It is the ultimate trigger for Industrial Development. The GTTC is committed to undertaking product design and prototype development

The Tool manufacturing facilities available at the GTTC is comparable to the finest in the world, while the training provided by the GTTC is the best in the country in respect of its practical orientation

The combination of the above - the Integrated Solution to the Industry - from the GTTC, make it a far ahead of others in Tooling, Training and New Technology inception in India

Some of the major achievements of the GTTC have been :

  • First ever artificial human heart valve developed in India                 
  • Developing win-tunnel models for aircrafts                 
  • Components for gas turbines                 
  • Systems for communication satellites                 
  • Development of plastic injection syringes, I.V. sets, Lisa plates and other instruments for medical applications

The main feature that sets the GTTC apart is its comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs of the different Industries in the country and abroad, and the desire to meet those needs

The GTTC have played a major role in the development of plastic components, intricate die-casting parts and high speed precision progressive dies for the automotive industry. Their clientele include Automobile Majors like Maruti Udyog Limited, TATAs, TVS, Bajaj and LML etc either directly or through their vendors

A range of tooling has been developed for horns, switches, dashboard assemblies, pressure die-casts of intricate small parts and gear boxes, battery containers / lids, wheel rims, air filters and clutches among others

Today, in one way or the other, the GTTC have assisted in the manufacture of most automobiles made in India . In the years to come, the participation is expected to increase and expand to exports