CNC Machine Programming and Operation​

Conventionally, an operator decides and adjusts various machines parameters like feed, depth of cut etc. depending on type of job , and controls the slide movements by hand. In a CNC Machine functions and slide movements are controlled by motors using computer programs.

  • Introduction to CNC M/C's and fundamentals of programming.
  • Creating manual part prog. for CNC turning m/c and CNC milling machine with FANUC control system.
  • Checking the CNC part programmes on dedicated computer simulators.
  • Practical's on dedicated trainer machines of CNC lathe & milling.
  • Coordinate System.
  • Units, incremental or absolute positioning.
  • Coordinates: X,Y,Z, RX,RY,RZ.
  • Feed rate and spindle speed.
  • Coolant Control: On/Off, Flood, Mist.
  • Tool Control: Tool and tool parameters.
  • Programming consists of a series of instructions in form of letter codes.
  • Preparatory Codes.
  • G codes- Initial machining setup and establishing operating conditions.
  • N codes- specify program line number to executed by the MCU.
  • Axis Codes: X,Y,Z  - Used to specify motion of the slide along X, Y, Z direction.
  • Feed and Speed Codes: F and S- Specify feed and spindle speed.
  • Tool codes: T – specify tool number .
  • Miscellaneous codes – M codes  For coolant control and other activities