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                                                                                                                                                                                  MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR PRIMARY HEALTH CENTERS                                                                                                                Click here to view in Kannada...

                      PHC MIS is aimed at making available real-time Healthcare  information of PHCs. The Primary Health Centre (PHC) Management Information System (MIS)  in Karnataka is centrally consolidating information such as patient treatment, delivery details, disease report and drug availability along with GPS information. This PHC MIS is a software developed by M/s CoDe Consulting Pvt. Ltd. as a part of the CSR initiative of 1000 Samsung iRIS tablet devices provided to the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

                     Being the first tier of the public health system, the PHCs serve as the primary stop for treating minor ailments, handle regular delivery cases, decide on referral cases, take curative and preventive action in cases of epidemics, administer various welfare schemes meant for the poor and underprivileged, etc. Despite being the vital institutions serving the poor and the needy, PHCs are far behind as far as the use of digital techniques is concerned in managing their operations. Record keeping of day-to-day work, monitoring disbursal of medicines and the availability of stock, reporting trends pointing to epidemics, accounting for welfare schemes implemented and a score of other activities at these centres are still paper based. Due to this, decision making at these centres gets delayed.

                     PHC MIS is said to be first of its kind in the country. This project would initially capture four critical aspects of the functioning of the PHCs in electronic form. The activities identified to be captured are:

  • Patient record – capturing details of outpatients attended on a given day.
  • Drugs record– capturing drugs indented, issued and current stock levels.
  • Disease record – capturing diseases reported during a given day.
  • Birth record – delivery cases attended to with relevant details.

                    PHC MIS assists for Reporting of  Health Management Information System (HMIS) details on a daily basis and also provides online data for Maternal & Child Tracking System (MCTS). In addition to electronic record keeping, the regular activities of the centre namely implementation of welfare schemes like post-natal care kit for poor and underprivileged women, Janani Suraksha Yojana, etc., would also be maintained. Updating of electronic health data is the main activity PHC MIS application. It is the deployment of Tablets with the capability to scan the iris of the individuals and linking to Aadhaar, is what that makes the project the first of its kind in the country which is to be implemented. Under the project, the data generated at the PHC level would then be transmitted to a central server through the mobile network, almost on a real time basis. Analysis of the data received would make MIS reports instantaneous, which can facilitate decision making by the concerned officials and in turn facilitate the  Department in taking needful actions and planning ahead. Thus, quick intervention in reported in cases of epidemics, avoiding stock out situation of drugs required by the needy, better targeting of welfare measures and monitoring of schemes are some of the  benefits of this application. Sending alerts to neighboring areas in cases of suspected epidemics, facilitating preventive action would be major benefit of the application. This application is taken up as a CSR initiative in the 1,000-24x7  PHCs in the State.Under the project, preparatory activities like development of an app and training of master trainers have been done.The state data centre has hosted the application, which receives and stores data generated by the PHCs.

        * MOU between Samsung and Govt.Of Karnataka    

        * Brief functionality of main four modules in PHC-MIS application.    

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