The main aims and objectives of the present KJA are to recommend actions for institution building, policy innovation and excellence in the field of education, health, S&T, industry, entrepreneurship, research and innovation, traditional knowledge, agriculture, E-Governance, rural development and ANY other relevant areas.

Tasks of KJA are mainly “proof-of-concept” and get defined/formulated, either through internal discussions within KJA – mainly issues of public/societal/technological and knowledge relevance for the state OR are identified through interactions with GOK departments – mainly issues of governance and development in the state. KJA tasks are “anchored” with one or more departments of GOK – so that after proof-of-concept stage by KJA, any executive implementation can get effectively coordinated by relevant departments of GOK.As part of “proof-of-concept”, KJA takes up technical assessments, studies, small demonstrations, proto-typing analysis, policy analysis, social impact assessment etc – which result in relevant recommendations to GOK.​

For more details please refer to  "Concepts and Procedures​" adopted by the KJA in its Seventh Meeting held on September 7, 2017​.