Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are an emerging area of automation and has significant potential – not just as a social tool that can change local governance BUT also as a commercial activity for a large estimated market demand. Policies for UAS are still in definition stage as they have to co-exist with aircrafts in our airspace AND also have to build considerable safety and security features that exist in other technology – aircraft, automobiles etc. There is very limited end-to-end experience of UAS applications and thus undertaking pilot-studies and developing robust procedures is important. Click here for the report


Prepared by KJA- Study Group on Unmanned Aerial Systems

Co-Chairs of KJA-SG

    Dr. B V Naidu, Chairman & CEO, Sagitaur Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.,  bv.naidu@sagitaur.com

    Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, NIAS/Ex-President, INAE baldev.dr@gmail.com

Member Secretary of KJA-SG

    Mr. R. Vijay Krishna, Project Manager, NDRF rvjkrish@gmail.com

Approved by

Karnataka Jnana Aayoga

in its 7th Meeting dated 07.09.2017


Submitted to

Department of Science and Technology

on September 2017