This Study Group has completed its tasks and is closed ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

KJA Study Group on “UAS Technology, Applications and Policy: Karnataka Vision”​ 

Karnataka is one of the leading states in aerospace technology and utilization of integrated ICT solutions – within governments, private sector and academia. Karnataka state is aiming to be a leading hub for aerospace technology development – both in manufacturing systems and utilization systems. World-over, the UAS technology and applications have been on a rise, it is still at nascent level in India. UAS is bringing a  new paradigm to society - by bringing a simplistic "piloting experience" to common people of society AND at same time emerging as a sophisticated, but easy to operate, technology for image/data collection that can help real-time monitoring of crops, forests, water-bodies, urban growth etc, for civic monitoring, for disaster management support and many other governance needs. UAS is also an excellent tool for higher education and bring concepts of aerospace principles integrated with machining, manufacturing, avionics, instrumentation, data software etc. Many market studies have predicted a significant commercial growth for UAS.​

As a first step to evolve contours of UAS studies, KJA, in association/cooperation with Jain University, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), GITAM University, and NDRF/Institution of Engineers – Karnataka Centre, had organized a 1-day "Knowledge workshop and Round-table on Civilian Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems" on March 7, 2015. With about 20 national-level experts debating and discussing various aspects of UAS in the meeting, it was recommended by the experts that there is a need for a well-defined positioning of this technology in the National Airspace, which implied that there is a need to develop policy, procedures, regulations, and guidance material. The meeting also recommended that a study on UAS assumes importance - involving governmental and non-governmental agencies, to create a national roadmap for ``UAS Technology, Applications, and Policies: Karnataka Vision'', to enable Karnataka to take the lead.

KJA, in its 4th meeting considered the Roundtable recommendations and decided to undertake a comprehensive study on UAS – and generate a case for Karnataka to lead this in the national arena.KJA feels that India can leap-frog and establish an effective national eco-system for UAS. Karnataka has the right capability to be the hub of such a national UAS eco-system development and must take lead in this regard.

The task of the KJA Study Group is three-fold - one, bring out a comprehensive report on UAS Technology, Applications and Policies as a strategy plan for the nation where Karnataka can lead; two, undertake specific demonstrative application projects in the state, involving departments of Karnataka Government, AND three, UAS research and technology can get embedded into the higher education system of the state.                                                                Click here for the Office Order

With above perspective, a KJA Study-Group is hereby constituted with following Members:​


Dr BV Naidu, Member-KJA

- Co-Chair​​​
2Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, NIAS/Ex-President, INAE          
- Co-Chair
3Dr Ramachandra, Programme Director, NP-MICAV, NDRF
- Member
4Dr G Ramesh, Head, Small & Micro Air Vehicles, CSIR-NAL
- Member
5Dr. A. K. Ghosh, Professor, Aerospace Dept, IIT Kanpur
- Member
6Representative of DG, DGCA
- Member
7Dr Mukund Rao, Chairman, K-GIS Tech Comm/MS, KJA
- Member
8Dr MYS Prasad, Former Director, SDCC/ISRO
- Member
9Mr Rahul Narayanan, CEO, INDUS
- Member
10Representative of VC, VTU
- Member
11Dr Krishna Venkatesh, Jain University
- Member
12Addl. Chief Secretary, Home Department, GoK (or Rep)
- Member​
13Addl. Chief Secretary, Higher Education, GoK (or Rep)   
- Member​
14Principal Secretary, Agriculture, GoK (or Representative)
- Member​​
15Principal Secretary, Planning, GoK (or Representative)
- Member
16Principal Secretary, IT/BT, GoK (or Representative)
- Member
17PCCF, Govt. of Karnataka
- Member
​18Secretary, Urban Development, GoK (or Representative)​- Member
​19Representative of IGP, Karnataka​- Member​
​20Mr R Vijay Krishna, Project Manager, NDRF​​- Member-Secretary


​Ms M Jayashri​

​- Convenor

For further information please contact Member Secretary of the Study Group at rvjkrish@gmail.com  

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