This Task Group has completed its tasks and is closed

KJA Task Group on Karnataka Cybersecurity Vision

Cybersecurity is the suite of technologies, processes and practices that are designed and implemented to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Cyber security is highly relevant across various government, industries, academia – State Data Centres, e-gov services, IT companies, Bio-technology, Aerospace, Retail, Healthcare, Intelligence, Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Military etc. The growing importance of Cybersecurity is also due to Society's increasing reliance on computer systems and digitalization, the wide usage of Internet for exchange of services and information, access to wireless networks that provide the channels for information flow, the growth of "smart" devices that link up users and services, including smartphones, televisions and many tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Apart from these, more disruptive developments of Bots, Malware, Bitcoins, Darknet, DeepWeb, Ransomware etc and large-scale usage of Big data, Cloud technology, Robotics, Blockchain etc are posing innumerable challenges.

Karnataka has a progressive IT environment – both in the public and private space. The IT penetration in the state is very high. Karnataka is an established leader of e-Governance and leading the country in m-governance and g-governance – number of government services are online; Aadhar data is critical for services; banking platforms are large; insurance systems are intensively sued; manufacturing and education services are wide and important. Karnataka is having the right eco-system for being at the front and leading Cybersecurity actions in India – with the large IT eco-system and also a progressive IT-oriented government in the state.

KJA envisages that a Karnataka Cybersecurity Vision be outlined as a comprehensive short- and long-term vision on Cybersecurity and define a roadmap of technological development, systems implementation and applications development, policies, education and research and citizen awareness in the state. As part of this vision, the Karnataka could implement a fully operational State Cyber Command Centre – to make Cybersecurity a top-attention and bring mission orientation. Such a Vision can be implemented by Government of Karnataka involving industries, academia and civil society. For developing a vision on Cyber Security, KJA has constituted a Task Group of experts/specialists.

The Task Group is Chaired by Prof. N. Balakrishnan, Honorary Professor, IISC and Co-Chaired by Prof. S. Sadagopan, Member, KJA/Director, IIIT-B.

The overall goal of the Task Group is to prepare the Karnataka Cybersecurity Vision by addressing all aspects of data, systems, network, services and include government, industry, academia and citizens. The Task Group will submit the Karnataka Cyber Security Vision to KJA in 12 months - after which KJA will approve and submit the policy recommendations to Government of Karnataka.​      Click here for the Office Order ​​​

The Task Group has the following membership:


Prof N. Balakrishnan, Honorary Professor, IISC 

- Chair​​​
2Prof S Sadagopan, Member, KJA/Director, IIIT-B          
- Co-Chair
3Dr Sanjay Bahl, DG, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team 
- Member
4Principal Secretary, IT/BT Department, GOK 
- Member
5Dr Mukund Rao, Member-Secretary, KJA 
- Member
6Mr Sanjiv Kovil, CTO Wipro 
- Member
7Mr Ananth Krishnan, CTO TCS 
- Member
8Prof S Raghunath, IIMB 
- Member
9Prof Ramakrishna, Professor, NLSUI, Bengaluru 
- Member
10Prof V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT-B 
- Member-Secretary
11Dr Jayashri, SRA, KJA 
- Convenor 

 ​For further information please contact Member Secretary, KJA at mukund.k.rao@gmail.com​