This Task Group has completed its tasks and is closed

​​​​KJA Task Group on Karnataka State Water Policy (KSWP)​​​


Water is becoming a sub-critical resource and in many areas water is a matter of great crisis developing in society. This crisis threatens the basic right to drinking water of our citizens; it also puts the livelihoods of millions at risk. At same time, climate change poses fresh challenges with changing rates of precipitation and evapo-transpiration patterns that is impacting the hydrologic cycle, which in turn lead to droughts and vagaries of local floods. Resilience of our total ecosystems needs, therefore, to become a central plank of integrated and "holistic" management for water resources.

Karnataka is on a high growth path – estimated to grow at almost 8-10% GDSP. There is large-scale urbanization and huge centres of economic activities emerging in 4-5 cities in the state. The demands of a rapidly industrializing economy and urbanizing society come at a time when the potential for augmenting water supply is becoming limited, water tables are falling and water quality issues have increasingly come to the fore. In cities, bore-wells are impacting local water-table and underground flows alarmingly. At local-levels, lakes/ponds and tanks are drying up or shrinking – thereby affecting local drinking water and irrigation needs of rural populace in a significant manner. Both, surface and groundwater systems, are getting polluted by untreated effluents and sewage that continue to be dumped into them. Wastewater management and recycling of water can be methods for shifting dependency on fresh water resources.

KJA has discussed on the need for a comprehensive outlook for water in the state and for a pragmatic Water Policy. The importance of water as a resource for the state to spur progress in agriculture and industrial development, besides meeting the critical requirement of water usage for the state's citizens, requires a holistic study and policy outlining. For developing a comprehensive Karnataka State Water Policy, KJA constituted a Task Group of experts/specialists.

The Task Group is Chaired by Prof. Mihir Shah, Former Member of Planning Commission and Co-Chaired by Mr. S. V. Ranganath, Vice-Chair, KSHEC.

 The main task of the Task group is to prepare a pragmatic Karnataka Water Policy which ensures long-term "water security" in the state for its citizens and also ensures adequate availability of water in support of various social and economic development activities of the state. Task Group will consider the Draft water policy that has been prepared by AICWRM, Water Resources Department (WRD) of GOK and any other relevant material; and undertake further consultations across the state and will submit the State Water Policy to KJA in 12 months - after which KJA will approve and submit the policy recommendations to Government of Karnataka.​         Click here for the Office Order​ ​

The Task Group has the following membership: 


Prof Mihir Shah, Former Member of Planning Commission, GOI

- Chair​​​
2Mr SV Ranganath, Member, KJA/Vice-Chair, KSHEC
- Co-Chair
3ACS/PRS, Water Resources Department, GOK
- Member
4Mr. V Balasubramanian, former Addl. Chief Secretary, GOK 
- Member
5Director, Karnataka State GW Department, GOK- Member
6Dr. Mukund Rao, Member Secretary, KJA
- Member
7Ms. Mala Subramaniam, CEO, Arghyam, Bengaluru 
- Member
8Dr. M. K. Ramesh, Professor, National Law School, Bengaluru
- Member
9Prof. Mohan Kumar, Professor, IISc, Bengaluru
- Member
10Dr. Himanshu Kulkarni, Executive Director, ACWADAM, Pune 
- Member
11Dr. Aromer Revi, Director, IIHS, Bengaluru
- Member
12Dr. Rochi Khemka, Program Director (Karnataka), 2030 WRG
- Member​
13Prof. Gopal Naik, Professor of Economics and Dean, IIM Bangalore 
- Member​
14Mr. Maj Neil​ Castelino, CII Karnataka State Water Network
- Member​​
15Mr S. Vishwanath, Biome
- Member
​16Dr. Ashok D. Hanjagi, Professor of Geography & Geo-informatics, Bangalore University​​- Member
​17Dr. Sharachchandra Lele, Senior Fellow, ATREE, Bengaluru
​- Member Secretary
18Dr. B. S. Padmavathi, SRA, KJA
- Convenor​

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