This Task Group has completed its tasks and is closed ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

KJA Task Group on Machine Intelligence

In a Review meeting held by Honourable Minister for Higher Education and Tourism on May 13, 2015, issues pertaining to  Machine Intelligence, including 3D Printing technology and IoT etc were discussed.  Honourable Minister and Chairman, KJA suggested constituting a KJA Task Group on Machine Intelligence to address Machine Intelligence technologies. Accordingly, KJA held discussions with ACS, Dept of Higher Education and Principal Secretary, Dept of IT, BT, S&T and constituted the TG.

Karnataka is one of the leading states in technology and machining with a wide range of government, private sector and academia involved in a range of technology – including, machines, information technology, aero-space technology, education technology and a host of industrial technologies. Given this status, Karnataka aspires to rise to greater heights so that its citizens can be assured of advanced technology development benefits and the state can position a futuristic technology-climate that will prepare for an advanced, mature and economically prosperous state and national development processes.

Recent developments in smart mobile systems and cloud computing are enabling the connection of millions of devices and that has amplification of any governance, technological, efficient, moral and ethical imperative through a network of machines. Smart Machines are now becoming a cognitive, contextually aware computing system capable of making decisions without human intervention – that is the way of future. Machine Intelligence technologies – 3d Printing, indigenous Cloud design, Internet-Of-things (IOT), robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithmic societal tools, social analytics etc are getting integrated into education systems, high-end industrial capability, analytical governance and citizen-centric services of improved quality of life through efficient governance.

KJA has decided that a Task Group of technology specialists/experts be constituted to prepare an action plan and bring out a comprehensive and actionable report.  The Task Group is Co-Chaired by Mr. Venkatesh Valluri and Prof Chiranjib Bhattacharya. 

The main task of the Task Group on K-MIP would be to prepare a strategy for Karnataka to take up leadership in development of Machine Intelligence technologies through an integrated development of key technologies, applications development, education and research and industrialisation.                             ​  Click here for the Office Order​​

The Task Group has the following membership: 


Mr. Venkatesh Valluri, Member, KJA​​

- Co-Chair​​​
2Prof Chiranjib Bhattacharya, Professor, IISC
- Co-Chair
3Prof S Sadagopan, Director, IIIT-B/Member, KJA
- Member
4Dr. U. Chandrasekar, Director General, ESCI
- Member
5Mr. Nikhil Chowdary, ESCI, Hyderabad- Member
6Dr. Mukund Rao, Member Secretary, KJA
- Member
7Dr. Avneesh Agrawal, President, Qualcomm India
- Member
8Prof. Ramesh Hariharan, CTO, Strand Life Sciences
- Member
9Prof. Ravi Kannan, Data Science Expert, Microsoft
- Member
10Representative of ACS, Dept of Industry & Commerce, GoK
- Member
11Representative of Principal Secretary, Dept of Higher Education, GoK
- Member
12Director, IT/BT, Government of Karnataka
- Member​
13Representative of Board for IT Education Standards (BITES)
- Member​
14State Informatics Officer (SIO), NIC
- Member​​
15CEO, Centre for E-Governance, Government of Karnataka
- Member
16Dr. Maulishree A, CEO, ICT Skills Dev Society, GoK
- Member-Secretary
17Dr BS Padmavathi, Sr RA, KJA
- Convenor

 For further information please contact Member Secretary of the Task Group at 1maulishree@gmail.com  

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