Karnataka - GIS (K-GIS): Unique tool for governance and citizens services


KJA, in its earlier term in January, 2013, had submitted a comprehensive recommendation to the Government of Karnataka for establishing a Karnataka - GIS.

KJA envisages a "common state-wide authoritative" K-GIS platform – a platform of seamless GIS data of 53+ layers and departmental GIS Applications Decision Support modules - this would reduce duplication of GIS efforts in the state, remove redundancy and help create an authoritative GIS data available to all agencies, enterprises and citizens. K-GIS would layers would be organised from RS images AND survey data/maps and then integrated/fused with MIS/available data records of various department (from their servers). This "combinative GIS Asset" would be verified, checked and be authoritative. Simple and complex GIS Applications would be developed for each department as DSS and citizen=centric GIS applications would also be published. An advanced GIS portal would be developed to provide GIS data and application services. A modern infrastructure with networking access would be established – providing a gateway for access by citizens, government and, in an appropriate manner, suitable commercial services.

As and when, the central government takes up National – GIS, Karnataka will be in a leadership position to dove-tail and integrate to the national system.   

KJA has recommended that IT/BT department take up a mission mode K-GIS implementation – with  KSRSAC as implementing agency.

K- GIS is expected to be completed and fully operational in 2-3 years – there would be initial beta releases  with in 6-9 months duration. 


Proto-type GIS Portal

As a proto-type of the K-GIS, KSRSAC has developed a GIS Portal that demonstrates the concept of a state-wide GIS with available maps/images and very limited query applications. The Portal has about 53 layers with basic visualization and querying This Portal could be used by departments as an initial and first-cut GIS interface.

 Access the GIS Portal at


Further actions

After KJA meeting of Sep 22, 2014 where KJA recommendation for taking up the implementation of K-GIS as a formal mission-mode project was formulated, Chief Secretary and Chairman, KJA took up a review of K-GIS recommendation on November 21, 2014 – where Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of various departments were present. A demo of the proto-type G2G GIS Portal was also made in the meeting by KSRSAC. In the meeting, the following actions were identified:

  • IT, BT and S&T Department  to bring up the proposal for K-GIS project implementation as recommended by Karnataka Knowledge Commission incorporating various suggestions. KSRSAC, with help from KJA Secretariat, to work out details of the project.
  • Proto-type K-GIS Portal may be readied for release formally so that all Departments can start using the same. For this IT, BT and S&T Department to take necessary action.
  • Departments of  Agriculture, Urban Development, RDPR, Planning, Horticulture, Forests and  Revenue to work out their detailed data needs and application needs in consultation with KJA and KSRSAC – which will be helpful for designing the K-GIS.


Budget allocation for K- GIS

Government of Karnataka has accepted the recommendation of KJA to establish K- GIS and the Hon'ble Chief Minister has allocated funds in FY 2015-16 for the K – GIS.

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