Nursing Training ​ Simulator

During the First meeting of the KJA, held on March 12, 2014, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, KJA Member, proposed to develop a nursing simulator to train critical care nurses and doctors.  A detailed joint proposal​- ‘Design and Development of a Post Operative Cardiac Critical Care Simulator for Training Nurses’​- was then submitted by Prof. Guru Moorthy of IISc and Dr. Devi Shetty to KJA. KJA, in its Second meeting held on September 22, 2014 endorsed the proposal and suggested referring the proposal to experts' review.

The project proposes to develop a medical simulator for nurses to practice diagnosis and procedures that are carried out in a post-operative cardiac critical care unit.  The simulator will be able to address the gaps in nursing staff and their training in India and developing countries by reducing training load of senior nurses and also be a tool for competency assessment, data logging and certification. The device includes a basic mannequin linked to a Simulator console and associated Vitals and Ventilator instruments.  The module includes patient information screen, ventilator hoses-sensor interface to CPU, simulator air bubble in vein, stomach distension, calf swelling, tibial pulsation, syringe pump mockup with interface to CPU, IABP mockup with interface to CPU, mediastinal and intercostal drains-interface with CPU and Dilating pupils. ​

Further Actions

  • The proposal was sent to two external experts for reviews- Dr. M.S. Valiathan and Dr.V. Ramkumar.
  • Chairman, KJA called for a Review meeting in January 2015 in which the experts appreciated the concept and suggested to project the Nursing Simulator to Nursing Training Simulators. Experts recommended KJA to consider the proposal.
  • KJA in its Third meeting held on January 31, 2015 formally endorsed Nursing Training Simulator project.
  • Sanction Order has been issued to IISc.