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a) National Level Campaign on Amla:

  • Amla campaign through state level – NMPB letter
  • Amla Campaign in Karnataka:

This programme is initiated by National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB), New Delhi to popularize Amla in the country.

In Karnataka the project is being implemented through different Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) situated in each district of Karnataka the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research has been provided with the required funds to monitor implementation of the project.. The project has been approved by NMPB with an outlay of Rs.2.95 crore and covers the entire state.
The Main components of the project are:

b) Herbal Garden Establishment: 
NMPB has initiated the programme to establish a herbal garden in each district which would cater to the needs of the local people for raw materials and provide relevant information regarding the medicinal plants and their uses. This programme will be implemented through Agricultural/ Horticultural/ Forestry colleges. The individual projects are awaited from the said colleges.

c) Facilitation centre:
National Medicinal Plants Board has envisaged Facilitation Centres as one-stop-shop for providing relevant information, guidance and other assistance which may be required by the growers, cultivators and other stakeholders of medicinal plants. Facilitation works in close co-ordination with the SMPBs and the state Horticulture Department. The Facilitation Centre acts as a service window, providing agro techniques, planting material and market intelligence to farmers.

Activities of Facilitation Centre:

  1. Provide service window for growers for supporting cultivation
  2. Selection of MAPs(not more than 10species)
  3. Act as clearing house of information on the elite germplasm to be cultivated, varieties to be taken up (for plants for which varieties have been developed), source of germplasm/varieties, the species to be planted based on market demand and agro-climatic suitability, market prices in different mandies, the list of traders, manufactures within the state, agro-technique and process relating to collection, harvesting, storage, drying and value addition.
  4. To oversee/monitor production of quality planting material by various agencies including forest department, NGO and the private nurseries.
  5. Provide testing facilities for the material produced where such facilities exit with the institution.
  6. To provide training in the formulation of projects of medicinal plants cultivation and development.
  7. Organize frequent buyer-seller meet (between growers, traders and industry) to establish linkages between cultivation marketing and encourage market driven cultivation.
  8. Conduct training programmes. For training programme training manual will be prepared on the basis of internal monitoring and the approval of the Executive Committee of the KaMPA
  9. Publish and disseminate information on agro-techniques, markets, prices, mandies, traders, industries etc.

Current activities and Achievements of Facilitation Centre

  1. The centre is providing the following medicinal and aromatic plants depending on Agroclimatic conditions and on the requirement of Ayruveda and Pharmaceutical Industries. Aloe vera,Withania somnifera, Emblica officinalis , Coleus forsholii, Gymnema sylvestre, Gloriosa superba, Piper longum, Stevia rebaudiana, Ocimum sanctum, Roselle, Andrographis panniculata, Babchi, Bixa orellana and aromatic crops like Sandal wood, Lemon grass, Pat chouli, Vetiver etc.
  2. Technical bulletins on crops like Ashwagandha, Stevia, Emblica officinalis, Aloevera, Coleus, Long pepper,Gymnema sylvestre,Gloriosa , Basil and Patchouli
  3. Documentation of database of different traders and manufacturers of medicinal plants
  4. MOU between the GKVK and The Himalayan Drugs (Pvt.) Ltd has been established to assit the marketing of Medicinal and Aromatic plant products. MOA between Natural Remedies and GKVK is also established for the benefit of farmers.

Contact Person:
Professor of Horticulture, 
Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra, 
Ph no: 080-65315598


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