Aims and Objectives

The main aim of Karnataka Medicinal Plant Authority (KaMPA) is the conservation, sustainable management and development of the medicinal plants in Karnataka by increasing awareness, promoting and engaging in related activities.

The main activity of KaMPA consists of implementation and monitoring the National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB), Government of India, schemes through farmers and different institutions in the state.

  1. Encourage and assist individuals, associations, group and institutions and affiliate with them in the promotion of conservation, utilization and development of medicinal plants in Karnataka.


  1. Guiding, implementing and monitoring NMPB schemes and programmes taken up by Government departments, developmental organizations, agencies having access to land and infrastructure for raising, collection, storage, marketing and transportation of medicinal plants.


  1. To set up database containing quality standards, safety, efficacy, Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), Good Collection Practices (GCP), Good Storage Practices (GSP) and the uses of medicinal plants.


  1. Promotion of in-situ and ex-situ conservation, utilization and development of medicinal plants in Karnataka.


  1. Promotion of co-operative efforts among growers, collectors and traders and assist them to store, transport and market their medicinal plants or value added products effectively.


  1. Promote research and development for domestication of wild medicinal plants, development of agro-techniques, value addition, post harvest management, storage and processing.  


  1. Encourage, protect and safeguard the patent rights and Intellectual Property Rights, local traditional knowledge of raising, collection and utilization of medicinal plants in Karnataka State.