Function of  kaMPA

  1. The Authority functions as a nodal agency in Karnataka for NMPB, Government of India. It aims to serve as consultant to the various national, state and international organizations in the conservation, sustainable management, utilization and development of the medicinal plants.


  1.  Information, Education and Communication – by organizing seminars, trainings and exposure visits within the state.


  1. To function as a clearing house of information on medicinal plants including their occurrence, usage, ethno-botanical uses, cultivation practices and post harvest practices, marketing etc.


  1. Increase public awareness, acquire or publish books, manuscripts, brochures, pamphlets, charts, journals, newsletters, scientific papers, produce films and use any modern media for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge regarding conservation, utilization and development of medicinal plants.


  1.  Encourage, guide, implement and monitor NMPB, Government of India and State Government schemes, research and development activities related to medicinal plants with eligible educational and scientific institutions.


  1. Preparation of action plan for conservation and sustainable utilization of Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) medicinal plants species. 


  1. Co-operate with educational, training, research, institutes in India and other countries in furtherance of the objectives.