​​Medicinal Plants Authority

Medicinal Plants are the main ingredients of local medicines and are of vital importance in traditional health care. People use medicinal plants species for sustenance of their traditional health care system both logistically as well economically. But due to more inclination towards modern Technology and over extraction of many of these plants has resulted in considerable depletion of the population of such species and some have become extinct.

In Karnataka according to the study of the Botanical Survey of India there are 3924 species belonging to 1323 genera and 199 families in the forests, of which 1493 species are of medicinal value. These belong to 808 genera and 108 families. They occur in different vegetation types across the Western Ghats. Already 93 medicinal plants i.e. about 30% of 300 traded species collected from the wild in Karnataka have been threatened with high or low extinction risk according to red listing criteria by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as concluded by Conservation Assessment and Management Plant (CAMP) workshops organized by FRLHT and Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) India anchored at Zoo Outreach Organization, Coimbatore.

This explains the need for establishing Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas (MPCAs).There are 13 MPCAs in Karnataka and some more MPCAs have been proposed.