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​​According to WHO ‘A Medicinal plant is any plant of which one or more of its organ contains substance that can be used for therapeutic purpose or which is precursor for the synthesis of useful drugs’.

Indian medicinal plants are the essence of Ayurveda. They possess marker compounds/ secondary metabolites having medicinal values and are commonly used to treat and prevent many diseases.

The number of plants that are used medicinally is very large. Out of 9000 medicinal plants available in India about 10% are highly threatened due to various reasons. Hence, conservation of medicinal plants has become imperative.

The National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB), New Delhi was set-up in November 2002 by the Government of India. Primary mandate of the board is of coordinating all the matter relating to medicinal plants and support policies and programmes for the growth of trade, export, conservation and cultivation. NMPB has initiated to constitute State Medicinal Plants Boards (SMPBs) for the development of the Medicinal plants sector at the regional / state level.

Karnataka State Medicinal Plants Authority (KaMPA) is a SMPB established in the year 2002 as per the Karnataka Government Order No.FEE 33 FDS 2001. One of the important works of KaMPA is to oversee the implementation of various schemes of the NMPB through farmers and different institutions in Karnataka.


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