Computerization of Department of Stamps and Registration in Karnataka

All the 250 Sub-Registrars offices (SROs) and 34 District Registrar offices (DROs) in the state have been computerized since 2003-04.

Computerization is aimed at :

  • Simplifying the process of Registration of documents.
  • Return of documents to the public within 30 minutes.
  • Issue of Encumbrance Certificates and Certified copy of   the documents on the same day.
  • Improvement of efficiency in the department.
  • Accountability and Transparency in the functions of the department.
  • Built-in market value intelligence.
  • Issue of Encumbrance Certificates from any Sub-Registrar Office in Bengaluru Urban District
  • Generation of various MIS (Management Information System)  Reports for the use of the Department / Policy makers in  Government.

For computerization. the following major activities of the department were chosen :

Sl. No.



Registration of documents, Marriages and Firms.


Scanning and archival of Registered Documents.


Issue of certified copies of Registered documents.

​4​Issue of Encumbrance Certificate


Market value assessment and Stamp Duty Calculation.