​·         The name and residential address and telephone numbers of the officer is published on the notice board of the office.

·         The rate of stamp duties/registration fee payable on various instruments and market value of the immoveable properties is notified in a conspicuous place in all the Sub-Registrars offices in the state.

·         All the 250 Sub Registrar's offices and 34 District Registrar offices in the State have been computerized, where documents are registered with the help of KAVERI software application. The other services which are made available are generation of encumbrance certificate, certified copies of Documents with the help of Computers, providing market values of all properties in in the state, market value assistance in respect of particular property along with the calculation of stamp duty and registration fee payable. 

·         Endorsements on the market value in respect of a particular property can be obtained from the Sub Registrar on request/application to facilitate the calculation of the stamp duty payable.

·         All relevant acts, such as The Karnataka Stamp Act, The Registration Act, The Marriage Laws etc; administered by the department are available on web at www.karnataka.gov.in/karigr and property-registration and the guideline value of properties are made available on the web at https://kaverionline.karnataka.gov.in/​

·         Users feed back forms are available in all the offices and the citizens can furnish their experience/opinion of the service rendered by the office and send it to the controlling officer of the office, where they got the service.

Services available

In the Sub-Registrar's offices

·         Registration of all documents under the Registration Act, 1908.

·         Certified copies of the registered documents.

·         Encumbrance certificates of any property in the jurisdiction of the office.

·         Registration of marriages under the Special marriage act 1954 and Hindu Marriage Act 1955.

·         Certified copies from marriage registers.

In the District Registrar's offices

·         Registration of partnership firms under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

·         Certified copies from the Registers of firms.

·         Deposit/opening of wills under the Registration Act 1908.

·         Refund of stamps.

·         Adjudication of documents under The Karnataka stamp act and also of documents executed outside the state.

·         Registration of Parsi marriages.