The Department of Stamps & Registration is the third highest revenue generating department for the Government of Karnataka with a revenue collection of Rs. 9041.80 crores for 2017-2018 Documents registered – 19.34 lakhs. Sanctioned staff strength of the department including officers and staff is 1662.The department has a large cutting edge interaction with people.


Main functions of the department are: 

1. Registration of Documents. 

2. Registration of Marriages under Hindu Marriage Act, Special   Marriage Act and Parsy Marriage Act. 

3. Registration of Partnership Firms. 

4. Collection of revenue to the government in the form of Stamp duty and Registration fee. 

5. Refund of stamps in respect of unused or spoiled stamps or excess paid.

6. Deposit of Wills . 

7. Preservation and Maintenance of permanent records containing copies of the registered documents, marriages, firms and their indexes.

8. Sending J-Forms to the Revenue Department in respect of transactions containing transfer of agricultural lands.

Main Services of the department are:

1. Issue of Encumbrance Certificates.

2. Issue of Certified Copies of Documents.

3. Issue of copies of the Marriage Certificates.

4. Issue of copies of records of Firms registered and filed with the department.