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Retail supply Tariff for the Financial Year 2014-15

PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE on 25.09.2014 : Revision of fuel cost for existing Biomass Power Gerneration plants in Karnataka : EnglishKannada  [uploaded on 15-September-2014]

NOTICE - EnglishKannada  / DISCUSSION PAPERS  [uploaded on 24-July-2014]

NOTIFICATION : Third Amendment to the various Clauses of Conditions of Supply of Electricity of Distribution Licensees in the State of Karnataka (CoS)  Download  [uploaded on 26-August-2014]
NOTIFICATION : Seventh Amendment to KERC (Recovery of Expenditure for Supply of Electricity) Regulations, 2004  Download [uploaded on 26-August-2014]
ORDER : Wheeling charges, Banking charges & Cross Subsidy Surcharge for Solar Power Generators Download [uploaded on 19-August-2014]

PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE : Determination of Wheeling, Banking and cross subsidy surcharge for solar power generators / Determination of Tariff in case No. OP 15/2014 - English Kannada   [uploaded on 23-July-2014]

PETITION : Section 11 (2) in Case No O.P.15/2014 Download [uploaded on 18-July-2014]

KERC INVITES COMMENTS by 22.07.2014 : Wheeling, Banking & Cross Subsidy Surcharge for Solar Power Generators Download  [uploaded on 07-July-2014]
ORDER : Determination of Tariff for Biomass Projects with Download [uploaded on 11-July-2014]
ORDER : In the matter of Wheeling and Banking Agreement for Renewable Sources of Energy - Download ANNEXURE I /  ANNEXURE II [uploaded on 10-July-2014]
NOTIFICATION : Pooled cost of Power Purchase Download [uploaded on 03-July-2014]
Draft Wheeling and Banking Agreement for RE projects under Non-REC Route / RE Captive Power Plants under REC Route / Review of Concessional Charges for RE generators : PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE on 25.06.2014 at 3.00 PM EnglishKannada 

DISCUSSION PAPER Download [uploaded on 12-June-2014]

KERC INVITES COMMENTS latest by 16.01.2014 
Draft Wheeling and Banking Agreement format for captive RE Projects with normal Charges Download [uploaded on 12-December-2014]

Draft Wheeling and Banking Agreement Format applicable from 01.04.2014 Download [uploaded on 29-November-2013]

Haveri Bio-Energy Pvt. Ltd., for fixation of Tariff : NOTICEPETITION [uploaded on 08-May-2014]

Determination of Tariff for Bagasse based Cogeneration Plants during off-season using Coal as fuel 

1. Notice : Kannada / English  [uploaded on 30-January-2014] 
2. Discussion Papers / Annexure [uploaded on 28-November-2013]
3. Gist of comments of Stake Holders [uploaded on 30-January-2014]