Generic Tariff Orders

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  Generic Tariff Orders :

Extension of validity Tariff Order dated 13.03.2020 in respect of Waste to Energy Plants in the State of Karnataka
Commission Order in the Matter of carry forward of the excess banked energy on account of Covid-19.
Extension of Tariff Order 1st August 2019 for Solar Power Projects including Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic Projects for FY21
Implementation of the directions of the GoK dated 16.04.2020 U/S 108 of the EA 2003 issued to the KERC regarding wavier / Reduction of late Payment Surcharge
Determination of Generic Tariff for Wind Power Project for FY2020-21
Extension of Tariff Order dated 27th July 2019 for Waste to Energy Plants in the State of Karnataka
Decision on Various Models and Guidelines for Solar Rooftops Photovoltaic Plants allowed to be installed on rooftops of the consumers buildings.
Determination of tariff in respect of Solar Power Projects (including Solar Rooftop Photo voltaic Projects) for FY-20. |
Extension of tariff Order dated 11.04.2018 for waste to energy plants in the State of Karnataka. |
In the matter of PPAs of Wind Power Projets |
Generic Tariff Order for Wind Power Project - 2019 | Annexure
Future Procurement of Power from Wind Power Plants by the Distribution Lincensees in the State through Competitive Bidding
Dated 19.12.2018- Revision of tariff in respect of solar Rooftop of 1 to 10kW-Order.
Future Procurement of Power from Bagasse Based Co-Generation Power Plants by the Distribution Licensees in the State throug Competitive Bidding
Determination of tariff and other norms in respect of new Solar Power Projects

RE Tariff Order 2018
Dated 14.05.2018-Order on Wheeling and Banking charges
Final Order for extension of Tariff Order for waste to energy -Dated.11.4.2018
Tariff Order for SRTPV plants violating the norms specified for implementation of the SRTPV plants - Dated : 07.11.2017
Tariff Order on Multiple Units of SRTPV in a single premises - Dated : 15.09.2017
Generic Tariff Order in respect of Wind Power Projects - Dated: 04.09.2017​
Revision of Tariff for grid interactive MW scale solar power plants for FY 18, Dated : 12.04.2017
Generic Tariff for Solar roof top and small PV Plants, Dated : 02.05.2016 / Press Release / Annexure
Generic tariff for MW scale solar plants, Dated : 30.07.2015
​Generic Tariff for wind plants, Dated : 24.02.2015
Revision of fuel cost for existing Biomass and Co-gen plants, Dated : 22.01.2015
Generic tariff for Minihydel, bagasse based Cogen, Ranking ecycle based Biomass Plants, Dated : 01.01.2015
Generic Tariff for Biomass Plants with Air Cooled Condenser, Dated : 10.07.2014
Generic Tariff for Solar Plants, Dated 10.10.2013
Generic Tariff for Wind Plants, Dated: 10.10.2013 - Order 1 - Order 2 - Annexure
Redetermination of Capital cost of cogen plants, Dated : 29.03.2012
Tariff for waste to energy plant, Dated : 28.02.2012
Generic Tariff for Solar Plants, Dated 13.07.2010
Generic Tariff for RE sources, Dated : 11.12.2009
Price cap for short term power procurement, Dated : 07.09.2009
Tariff for grid interactive solar power demonstration projects, Dated : 26.11.2008
​Approach to determination of Tariff for waste to energy projects, Dated : 21.07.2006
Generic Tariff order for RE sources, Dated : 18.01.2005
​GoK order on Tariff for 16 Wind projects commissioned before 31.08.2003, Dated : 2005