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Folder: Filing
21/01/2021 15:08System Account
Folder: Orders
09/06/2021 12:26System Account
Folder: Preliminary Observation
21/01/2021 14:34System Account
Folder: Press Note
09/06/2021 12:41System Account
Folder: Replies
21/01/2021 14:35System Account
Determination of Tariff in respect of Solar Power Projects including SRTPV for FY 22 to FY23.pdf
18/08/2021 16:53System Account
Determination of wind Generic tariff for FY22.pdf
02/08/2021 12:48System Account
Final Revised Retail Supply Schedule for FY21.pdf
09/06/2021 16:16System Account
Interim Order in the Matter of Wheeling Charges and Banking Facility for Renewable Power Projects.pdf
08/09/2021 11:30System Account