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OP No. 85 of 2017Solar projects farmers schemeMepgen Solar Pvt Ltd Vs BESCOM16/01/201819/01/2018 11:56 
OP No. 90,100,104 of 2016 and  47,130 of 2017Banking period for the Non-REC route based RE ProjectsESCOMS Vs Nil09/01/201819/01/2018 11:56 
OP No. 144 of 2017Solar ProjectsAlles Solar Pvt Ltd Vs BESCOM and others18/01/201819/01/2018 17:53 
OP 97 of 2017Dated 30.01.2018-OP 97 of 2017_Manchukonda-Vs-GESCOM-OrderManchukonda-Vs-GESCOM-Order30/01/201831/01/2018 16:50 
OP Nos 89 of 2017Dated 30.01.2018-OP Nos 89 of 2017-ESCOMS-Vs-Nil-OrderESCOMS-Vs-Nil30/01/201831/01/2018 16:51 
OP 87 of 2017Dated 30-01.2018-OP 87 of 2017-Panchakshari Power Projects-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderPanchakshari Power Projects-Vs-BESCOM and others-Order30/01/201831/01/2018 16:52 
107 of 2017Dated 01.02.2018-OP 107 of 2017-Shri Basavarajaiah-Vs-BESCOM and another-OrderShri Basavarajaiah-Vs-BESCOM01/02/201802/02/2018 10:17 
OP 116 of 2017Dated 08.02.2018-OP 116 of 2017-Balaji Naik A-Vs-GESCOM-OrderBalaji Naik A Vs GESCOM08/02/201814/02/2018 10:52 
OP 135 of 2017Dated 08.02.2018-OP 135 of 2017-VCarve Solar LLP-Vs-BESCOM-OrderVCarve Solar LLP-Vs-BESCOM08/02/201814/02/2018 12:11 
Complaint 1 of 2017PPARBSS Narasingdas-Vs-HESCOM and anothe15/02/201815/02/2018 18:03 
OP No.60 of 2017SRTPVVenkatashamareddy-Vs-BESCOM15/02/201815/02/2018 18:01 
OP 30 and 31 of 2017BSK Trdg Inc and Shakambari Enterprises-Vs-HESCOM and anotherBSK Trdg Inc and Shakambari Enterprises-Vs-HESCOM and another13/03/201814/03/2018 11:20 
OP 216 of 2017Shree Cement Ltd-Vs-GESCOM and othersShree Cement Ltd-Vs-GESCOM and others20/03/201821/03/2018 11:26 
OP 95 of 2017Shilpa Medicare Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and othersShilpa Medicare Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others20/03/201821/03/2018 11:30 
OP No 86 of 2016OP No 86 of 2016-REDAK-Vs-BESCOM and othersREDAK-Vs-BESCOM and others03/04/201803/04/2018 17:55 
OP No 105 of 2016OP No 105 of 2016-International Power Corpn-Vs-BESCOM-OrderInternational Power Corpn-Vs-BESCOM06/04/2018 14:23 
Complaint 72 of 17Complaint 72 of 17 Bannari Amman Sugars LtdBannari Amman Sugars Ltd06/04/2018 18:06 
Complaint 73 of 17Complaint 73 of 17 Athani Sugar LtdAthani Sugar Ltd06/04/2018 18:07 
Complaint 74 of 17Complaint 74 of 17 Bannari Amman Sugars LtdBannari Amman Sugars Ltd06/04/2018 18:07 
 OP 146 of 17Copy of OP 146 of 17 The Ugar Sugar Works LtdThe Ugar Sugar Works Ltd06/04/2018 18:09 
OP 139 of 17OP 139 of 17 Shri Hiranyakeshi Sahakari SakkareShri Hiranyakeshi Sahakari Sakkare06/04/2018 18:10 
OP 147 of 17 OP 147 of 17 The Ugar Sugar Works LtdThe Ugar Sugar Works Ltd06/04/2018 18:11 
Dated 24.4.2018-OP Nos 81 of 2016-64 of 2017-and 118 of 2017-JK Cement and to others-Vs-KPTCL-Order25/04/2018 15:21 
OP 28/18Dated 29.05.2018-OP 28 of 2018-Aikyam Holdings Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and another-OrderAikyam Holdings Pvt Ltd Vs BESCOM & Another29/05/201829/05/2018 16:56 
OP 148/17Dated 29.05.2018-OP 148 of 2017-Ugrappa Solar Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderSri Ugrappa Solar Pvt Ltd Vs BESCOM29/05/201829/05/2018 16:59 
OP 69 of 2016OP 69 of 2016CESC 12/06/201814/06/2018 11:20 
OP 194 of 2017Dated 12.06.2018-OP 194 of 2017_Solantra Pvt Ltd-Vs-KREDL-OrderSolantra Pvt Ltd12/06/201814/06/2018 11:27 
OP 121 of 2017Dated 12.06.2018-OP No.121 of 2017_Pinpoint Energy K1 Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM_OrderPinpoint Energy K1 Pvt Ltd12/06/201814/06/2018 11:30 
OP 195 of 17Dated 12-06.2018-OP 195 of 2017-Insolexo Pvt Ltd-Vs-KREDL OrderInsolexo Pvt Ltd 12/06/201814/06/2018 11:46 
OP 91 of 2017Dated 14.06.2018-OP 91 of 2017-MM Baldev-Vs-KREDLSri Murali M Baladev14/06/201814/06/2018 17:34 
OP 183 of 2017Dated 14.06.2018-OP No 183 of 2017-Blister Solar Energy Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOMBlister Solar Energy Private Ltd14/06/201814/06/2018 17:36 
OP No.197 of 2017Dated 14.06.2018-OP No 197 of 2017-Heliocore Pvt Ltd-Vs-KREDL and others-OrderHelicore Private Ltd14/06/201814/06/2018 17:38 
OP 90/2017Order Dated 14.6.18_CESC and Another Vs NiLCESC and Another14/06/201822/06/2018 10:56 
OP 17 of 2018OP No.17 of 2018 Engineered Power Resources India Pvt Ltd Vs NilEngineered Power Resources India Pvt Ltd.,21/06/201821/06/2018 17:03 
OP 23 of 2011Dated 21.06.2018-OP 23 of 2011-Nandi Sahakari Sakkare Kharkane-Vs-HESCOM-OrderNandi Sahakari Sakkare Kharkane-Vs-HESCOM21/06/201822/06/2018 10:57 
OP 196 of 2017Dated 21.06.2018-OP 196 of 2017-Sourashakti Energy-Vs-CESCSourashakti Energy-Vs-CESC21/06/201822/06/2018 10:56 
OP 59 of 2016Dated 26.06.2018-OP 59 OF 2016-Indian Cane Power_Vs_BESCOM_OrderIndian Cane Power_Vs_BESCOM_Order19/06/201827/06/2018 14:40 
OP 184 of 2017Dated 26.06.2018-OP 184 of 2017-Spangle Energy-Vs-BESCOM-OrderSpangle Energy-Vs-BESCOM19/06/201827/06/2018 14:43 
OP 186 of 2017Dated 26.06.2018-OP 186 of 2017-Flaunt Solar Energy Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM-OrderFlaunt Solar Energy Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM19/06/201827/06/2018 14:45 
OP 187 of 2017Dated 26-06.2018-OP 187 of 2017-Scorch Solar Energy Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM-OrderScorch Solar Energy Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM19/06/201827/06/2018 14:46 
OP 137 of 2017Dated 28.06.2018-OP 137 of 2017-Haveri Bio Energy-Vs-BESCOM-OrderHaveri Bio Energy-Vs-BESCOM-Order28/06/201829/06/2018 12:46 
OP 80 of 2016Dated 28.06.2018-OP 80 of 2016-Coromonandel Sugars-Vs-CESC-OrderCoromonandel Sugars-Vs-CESC28/06/201829/06/2018 12:48 
OP 132 of 2017Dated 28.06.2018-OP 132 of 2017-Tanivi Solar-Vs-CESC-OrderTanivi Solar-Vs-CESC-Order28/06/201829/06/2018 12:49 
OP 136 of 2017Dated 05.07.2018-OP No.136 of 2017 -Shri Tata Prasanna Kumar-Vs-BESCOM-OrderShri Tata Prasanna Kumar-Vs-BESCOM05/07/201805/07/2018 16:26 
op 168 OF 2017Dated 10.07.2018-OP 168 of 2017-Shri GN Narayanaswamy Vs BESCOM-OrderShri GN Narayanaswam Vs BESCOM10/07/201810/07/2018 16:57 
OP 153 of 2017Dated 10.07.2018-OP 153 of 2017-Vatsala Bellary Solar Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM-OrderVatsala Bellary Solar Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM10/07/201810/07/2018 16:59 
OP 62 of 2017Dated 12.07.2018-OP 62 of 2017-Raygen Power Pvt Ltd-Vs-CESC-OrderRaygen Power Pvt Ltd-Vs-CESC-Order12/07/201812/07/2018 17:47 
OP 221 of 2017Dated 10.07.2018-OP 221 of 2017- Azure Power India Pvt Ltd Vs BESCOM-OrderDated 10.07.2018-OP 221 of 2017- Azure Power India Pvt Ltd Vs BESCOM10/07/201813/07/2018 17:36 
OP Nos 52 to 56 of 2017Dated 14.05.2018-OP Nos 52 to 56 of 2017-ESCOMs-Vs-Nil-OrderESCOMs-Vs-Nil-Order14/05/201819/07/2018 12:59 
OP 221 of 2017Dated 13.07.2018- OP 221 of 2017- Azure Pvt Ltd VsBESCOMDated 13.07.2018- OP 221 of 2017- Azure Pvt Ltd VsBESCOM13/07/201819/07/2018 15:30 
OP 04 of 2018Dated 13.07.2018- OP 04 of 2018- Soham Mannapitlu Pvt Ltd Vs KPTCLSoham Mannapitlu Pvt Ltd Vs KPTCL13/07/201819/07/2018 15:35 
OP 151 of 2017Dated 13.07.2018- OP151 of 2017- Soham Mannapitlu Pvt Ltd Vs KPTCLSoham Mannapitlu Pvt Ltd Vs KPTCL13/07/201819/07/2018 15:38 
OP 93 of 2017Dated 19.07.2018-OP 93 of 2017-SRC Company-Vs-GESCOM-OrderSRC Company-Vs-GESCOM-Order19/07/201819/07/2018 17:16 
OP 92 of 2017Dated 19.07.2018-OP 92 of 2017-Smt A Shushmashree-Vs-GESCOM-OrderSmt A Shushmashree-Vs-GESCOM19/07/201819/07/2018 17:18 
OP 142 and 143 of 2017Dated 24.07.2018-OP 142 and 143 of 2017- Lalitha Prakash-Vs-BESCOM-OrderLalitha Prakash-Vs-BESCOM24/07/201824/07/2018 16:52 
OP 119 of 2017 Dated 24.07.2018-OP 119 of 2017 Abhimani Publications-Vs-BESCOM-OrderAbhimani Publications-Vs-BESCOM24/07/201824/07/2018 16:54 
Complaint 02 of 2017Dated 24.07.2018-Complaint 02 of 2017-BESCOM and another-Vs-Surana Industries Pvt Ltd-OrderBESCOM and another-Vs-Surana Industries Pvt Ltd24/07/201824/07/2018 16:56 
OP 134 of 2017Dated 26.07.2018-OP 134 of 2017 Matrix Power Wind Pvt Ltd Vs HESCOM and anotherMatrix Power Wind Pvt Ltd Vs HESCOM and another26/07/201827/07/2018 14:21 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 31.07.2018-JK Tyre and Industries LtdJK Tyre and Industries Ltd31/07/201801/08/2018 17:47 
OP 83 of 2017Dated 02.08.2018-OP 83 of 2017-Shri CS Sunder Raju-Vs-KPTCL and another-OrderShri CS Sunder Raju-Vs-KPTCL and another02/08/201803/08/2018 10:50 
OP 65 of 2017Dated 07.08.2018-OP 65 of 2017-Madamageri Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM and another-OrderMadamageri Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM and another07/08/201807/08/2018 17:21 
OP 159 of 2017Dated 07.08.2018-OP 159 of 2017 Chirasthaayee Saourya Ltd-Vs_Bescom and anotherChirasthaayee Saourya Ltd-Vs_Bescom and another-Order07/08/201807/08/2018 17:22 
Y-04-201-V-10Dated 07.08.2018- RPO Compliance for 2016-17 -ACC Ltd-OrderACC Ltd Kudithini Cement Works07/08/201808/08/2018 15:11 
Y-04-2012-V-10Dated 07.08.2018- RPO Compliance for 2016-17- Gokak Textiles Ltd-OrderGokak Textiles Ltd07/08/201808/08/2018 15:13 
OP 03 of 2017Dated 09.08.2018-OP 03 of 2017-Sri Indra Power Energies-Vs-GESCOM-OrderSri Indra Power Energies-Vs-GESCOM09/08/201809/08/2018 16:44 
OP 178 of 2017Dated 13.08.2018-Krishi Sunpower Pvt Ltd Vs HESCOM and AnotherKrishi Sunpower Pvt Ltd13/08/201814/08/2018 17:46 
OP 158 of 2017Dated 21.08.2018-OP 158 of 2017-MNR Solar Pvt Ltsd-Vs-BESCOM and another-OrderMNR Solar Pvt Ltsd-Vs-BESCOM and another-Order21/08/2018 18:01 
OP 163 of 2017Dated 28.08.2018-OP 163 of 2017 Gavi Ganga Solars-Vs-CESC and others-OrderGavi Ganga Solars-Vs-CESC and others-Order28/08/201829/08/2018 10:09 
OP 164 of 2017Dated 28.08.2018-OP 164 of 2017-Chowdeshwari Solar Energy-Vs-BESCOM-OrderChowdeshwari Solar Energy-Vs-BESCOM28/08/201829/08/2018 10:10 
OP 167 of 2017Dated 28.08.2018-OP 167 of 2017-Poorvaj Solar-Vs-BESCOM-OrderPoorvaj Solar-Vs-BESCOM28/08/201829/08/2018 10:11 
OP 217 of 2017Dated 28.08.2018-OP 217 of 2017-Smt Anjinamma-Vs-BESCOM-OrderSmt Anjinamma-Vs-BESCOM28/08/201829/08/2018 10:12 
OP 69 of 2017Dated 30.08.2018-OP 69 of 2017-Hukkeri Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM-OrderHukkeri Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM30/08/201831/08/2018 12:34 
OP 161 of 2017Dated 30.08.2018-OP 161 of 2017-Sakesha Solar Energy-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderSakesha Solar Energy-Vs-BESCOM and others-Order30/08/201831/08/2018 12:35 
OP 66 of 2017Dated 04.09.2018-OP 66 of 2017-Basargi KM Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM-OrderBasargi KM Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM04/09/201804/09/2018 17:07 
OP 68 of 2017Dated 04.09.2018-OP 68 of 2017 - Chennamangathihalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM-OrderChennamangathihalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM04/09/201804/09/2018 17:09 
OP 128 of 2017Dated 04.09.2018-OP 128 of 2017-Sirwar RE Pvt Ltd -Vs-ACS and others-OrderSirwar RE Pvt Ltd -Vs-ACS and others-Order04/09/201804/09/2018 17:13 
OP 67 of 2017Dated 11.09.2018-OP 67 of 2017-Shivapur Solar-Vs-HESCOM-OrderShivapur Solar-Vs-HESCOM11/09/201811/09/2018 17:28 
OP 97 of 2017Dated 11.09.2018-OP 97 of 2017-Kurugunda Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM-OrderKurugunda Solar Power Project-Vs-HESCOM11/09/201811/09/2018 17:29 
OP 112 of 2017Dated 11.09.2018-OP 112 of 2017-Chikkanandi Solar-Vs-GESCOM-OrderChikkanandi Solar-Vs-GESCOM11/09/201811/09/2018 17:32 
OP 113 of 2017Dated 11.09.2018-OP 113 of 2017-Tavalageri Solar-Vs-GESCOM-OrderTavalageri Solar-Vs-GESCOM11/09/201811/09/2018 17:33 
OP 223 of 2017Dated 11.09.2018-OP 223 of 2017-Indian Sugar Manfg Co.Ltd-Vs-BESCOM-OrderIndian Sugar Manfg Co.Ltd-Vs-BESCOM11/09/201811/09/2018 17:34 
OP 01 of 2017Dated 16.04.2018- OP 01 of 2017 KSWHC Vs GoK and OthersKSWHC Vs GoK and Others16/04/201818/09/2018 15:18 
OP 198 of 2017Dated 17.09.2018-OP 198 of 2017- Ravi Shivappa Padasalagi Vs HESCOMRavi Shivappa Padasalagi Vs HESCOM17/09/201818/09/2018 15:29 
OP 70 of 2017Dated 18.09.2018-OP 70 of 2017-Chikkahalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM-OrderChikkahalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM18/09/201818/09/2018 17:53 
OP 71 of 2017Dated 18.09.2018-OP 71 of 2017-Hunsankodihalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM-OrderHunsankodihalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM-Order18/09/201818/09/2018 17:54 
OP 72 of 2017Dated 18.09.2018-OP 72 of 2017-Hirehalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM-OrderHirehalli Solar Power Project-Vs-BESCOM18/09/201818/09/2018 17:55 
OP 73 of 2017Dated 18.09.2018-OP 73 of 2017-Kulagoda Solar Power Project-Vs-GESCOM -OrderKulagoda Solar Power Project-Vs-GESCOM18/09/201818/09/2018 17:58 
OP 96 of 2017Dated 18.09.2018-OP 96 of 2017-Yarganvi Solar-Vs-HESCOM-OrderYarganvi Solar-Vs-HESCOM18/09/201818/09/2018 17:59 
OP 131 of 2017Dated 18.09.2018-OP 131 of 2017-Hindustan Zinc Ltd -Vs-HESCOM-OrderHindustan Zinc Ltd -Vs-HESCOM18/09/201818/09/2018 18:01 
OP 98 of 2016Dated 25.09.2018-OP 98 of 2016_Basavarajappa-Vs-BESCOM-OrderBasavarajappa-Vs-BESCOM25/09/201825/09/2018 17:04 
OP 105 of 2017Dated 25.09.2018-OP 105 of 2017-Bannura Solar Power Project-Vs-MESCOM and another-OrderBannura Solar Power Project-Vs-MESCOM and another25/09/201825/09/2018 17:06 
OP 150 of 2017Dated 25.09.2018-OP 150 of 2017-Rajpet Energy -Vs- BESCOM and others-OrderRajpet Energy -Vs- BESCOM and others25/09/201825/09/2018 17:07 
OP 155 of 2017Dated 25.09.2018-OP 155 of 2017-Nadagouda Energies Pvt Ltd -Vs-HESCOM and others-Order-Draft-MM-MA-CH-FINALNadagouda Energies Pvt Ltd -Vs-HESCOM and others25/09/201825/09/2018 17:09 
OP 169 of 2017Dated 25.09.2018-OP 169 of 2017-Shri Chandranandan N -Vs- BESCOM and others-OrderShri Chandranandan N -Vs- BESCOM and others25/09/201825/09/2018 17:10 
OP 17 of 2013Dated 27.09.2018-OP 17 of 2013-Yuken India Ltd -Vs-KPTCL and others-Further OrderYuken India Ltd -Vs-KPTCL and others27/09/201801/10/2018 10:06 
OP 114 of 2017Dated 27.09.2018-OP 114 of 2017-Marakka Solar Power Project-Vs-MESCOM-OrderMarakka Solar Power Project-Vs-MESCOM27/09/201801/10/2018 10:08 
OP 157 of 2017Dated 27.09.2018-OP 157 of 2017- S G Arakeri Solar Power Pvt Ltd-vs- HESCOM and others-OrderS G Arakeri Solar Power Pvt Ltd-vs- HESCOM and others27/09/201801/10/2018 10:10 
OP 165 of 2017Dated 27.09.2018-OP 165 of 2017-LRK Solar Power Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderLRK Solar Power Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others27/09/201801/10/2018 10:24 
OP 166 of 2017Dated 27.09.2018-OP 166 of 2017-LPD Solar Power Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderLPD Solar Power Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others-Order27/09/201801/10/2018 10:26 
Complaint 10 of 2017Dated 04.10.2018-Complaint 10 of 2017-Shrri Krishna Kishore MB-Vs-CESC and others-OrderShri Krishna Kishore MB-Vs-CESC and others04/10/201804/10/2018 16:50 
Complaint No 65 of 2017Dated 04.10.2018-Complaint 65 of 2017Sri G Rudresh Vs BESCOM04/10/201805/10/2018 18:00 
OP 201 of 2017Dated 09.10.2018-OP 201 of 2017-Asian Fab Tec-Vs-BESCOM-OrderAsian Fab Tec-Vs-BESCOM-Order09/10/201811/10/2018 10:07 
OP 222 of 2017Dated 09.10.2018-OP 222 of 17-T Gowranna-Vs-GOK and another-OrderT Gowranna-Vs-GOK and another09/10/201811/10/2018 10:09 
OP 214 of 2017Dated 09.10;2018-OP 214 of 17 -Aadyaarush Power Projects Pvt Ltd-Vs- BESCOM and others-OrderAadyaarush Power Projects Pvt Ltd-Vs- BESCOM and others-Order09/10/201811/10/2018 10:11 
Complaint 79 of 2017Saravana alloy Steels Pvt Ltd Vs MD BESCOM and AnotherSaravana alloy Steels Pvt Ltd Vs MD BESCOM and Another09/10/201817/10/2018 16:29 
OP 18 and 19 of 2018Dated 23.10.2018-OP 18 and 19 of 2018-ES Sun Power Pvt Ltd and ES Solar Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM-OrderES Sun Power Pvt Ltd and ES Solar Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM23/10/201823/10/2018 17:02 
Y-04-2012-Vol-10RPO Compliance for FY 17 by JK Cements Works Ltd MuddapurJK Cements Works Ltd Muddapur11/10/201826/10/2018 14:15 
Y-04-2012-Vol-10RPO Compliance for FY 17 by Khayati Steels Industries Ltd-OrderKhayati Steels Industries Ltd11/10/201826/10/2018 14:16 
Y-04-2012-Vol-10RPO Compliance for FY17 by Honda Motor Cycle and Scooters India Pvt Ltd-OrderHonda Motor Cycle and Scooters India Pvt Ltd11/10/201826/10/2018 14:17 
OP 07 of 2018Dated 23.10.2018-OP 7 of 2018-BESCOM and Another Vs konark Power Project ltd-OrderBESCOM and Another Vs konark Power Project ltd23/10/201829/10/2018 15:01 
OP 225 of 2017Dated 30.10.2018-OP-225-17 - Smt Uma S A-Vs-BESCOM-OrderSmt Uma S A-Vs-BESCOM-Order30/10/201830/10/2018 18:12 
OP 120 of 2017Dated 09.11.2018-OP 120 of 2017-RNS Infrastructure Ltd-Vs-KPTCL and others-OrderRNS Infrastructure Ltd-Vs-KPTCL and others09/11/201813/11/2018 15:04 
OP 133 of 2017 Dated 09.11.2018-OP 133 of 2017 - Globalexotium RS Pvt Ltd-Vs-KREDL and others-OrderGlobalexotium RS Pvt Ltd-Vs-KREDL and others09/11/201813/11/2018 15:05 
OP No 140 of 2017Dated 09.11.2018-OP-140-2017-Welspun RE Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderWelspun RE Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others09/11/201813/11/2018 15:28 
OP 156 of 2017Dated 20.11.2018-OP 156 of 2017-Koppal Solar-Vs-State of Karnataka-OrderKoppal Solar-Vs-State of Karnataka-Order20/11/2018 17:44 
OP 101 of 2017Dated 20.11.2018-OP 101 of 2017-Smt.Kamalakshi-Vs-GESCOM-OrderSmt.Kamalakshi-Vs-GESCOM-Order20/11/2018 17:20 
OP 115 of 2017Dated 22.11.2018-OP 115 of 2017-Sri Kallappa-Vs-HESCOM-OrderSri Kallappa-Vs-HESCOM-Order22/11/201823/11/2018 10:09 
OP 200 of 2017Dated 22.11.2018-OP 200 of 2017-Athense Energy-Vs-MESCOM-OrderAthense Energy-Vs-MESCOM-Order22/11/201823/11/2018 10:11 
OP 228 of 2017 and 229 of 2017Dated 22.11.2018-OP 228 of 2017 and 229 of 2017 - Jigajinagi Jagtap-Vs- HESCOM-OrderJigajinagi Jagtap-Vs- HESCOM22/11/201823/11/2018 10:13 
RP 10 of 2017Dated 22.11.2018-RP 10 of 2017-Nirani Sugar Ltd-Vs BESCOM and others-OrderNirani Sugar Ltd-Vs BESCOM and others22/11/201823/11/2018 10:29 
OP 141 of 2017Dated 27.11.2018-OP 141 of 2017- Welspun RE Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderWelspun RE Pvt Ltd-Vs-BESCOM and others27/11/201827/11/2018 16:40 
OP 138 of 2017Dated 29.11.2018-OP 138 of 2017-Jindal Aluminium-Vs- BESCOM and others-OrderJindal Aluminium-Vs- BESCOM and others29/11/201829/11/2018 16:50 
OP 230 of 2017Dated 29.11.2018-OP 230 of 2017 -Jayamal Energy-Vs-BESCOM and others-OrderJayamal Energy-Vs-BESCOM  and others-Order29/11/201829/11/2018 16:52 
OP 57 of 2017Dated 04.12.2018-OP 57 of 2017 -Dnyanayogi SSS Ltd-Vs--KPTCL and othres-OrderDnyanayogi SSS Ltd-Vs--KPTCL and othres04/12/201804/12/2018 16:55 
RP 04 of 2017Dated 04.12.2018-RP 04 of 2017-Dr.Smitha Murthy-Vs-BESCOM-OrderDr.Smitha Murthy-Vs-BESCOM04/12/201804/12/2018 16:56 
Dated 06.12.2018-OP 88-2017-Brindavan Hydro Power-Vs-BESCOM and others-Order07/12/2018 13:48 
OP 215 of 2017Dated 14.12.2018-OP 215 of 2017-GN Nanjundaswamy-Vs-CESC-OrderGN Nanjundaswamy-Vs-CESC14/12/201814/12/2018 16:44 
OP 42 of 2017Dated 17.12.2018-OP 42 of 2017-BESCOM-Vs-Shantha Projects-OrderBESCOM-Vs-Shantha Projects-Order17/12/201817/12/2018 14:52 
OP 95 of 2016 and OP 96 of 2016Dated 17.12.2018-OP 95-2016 and 96-2016-Prakash Silks and Babu Sarees-Vs_SLDC-Common OrderPrakash Silks and Babu Sarees-Vs_SLDC-Common Order17/12/201817/12/2018 14:53 
OP 145 of 2018Dated 17.12.2018-OP 145 of 2018-Tungabhadra Power Project-Vs-GESCOM and others-OrderTungabhadra Power Project-Vs-GESCOM and others17/12/201817/12/2018 14:55 
OP 235 of 2017Dated 17.12.2018-OP 235 of 2017-Smt Shashikala-Vs-BESCOM-OrderSmt Shashikala-Vs-BESCOM17/12/201817/12/2018 14:56 
OP 162 of 2018Dated 17.12.2018-OP 162 of 2018-Anantapur Power Parks Ltd-Vs-CESC-OrderAnantapur Power Parks Ltd-Vs-CESC17/12/201817/12/2018 18:25 
OP 91 of 2018Dated 17.12.2018-OP 91 of 2018-Govt of Karnataka-Vs-HassanThermal Power Pvt Ltd-OrderGovt of Karnataka-Vs-HassanThermal Power Pvt Ltd17/12/201818/12/2018 15:17 
OP 111 of 2017Dated 19.12.2018-OP No.111 of 2017-Ravi BT-Vs-Govt. of Karnataka-orderRavi BT-Vs-Govt. of Karnataka19/12/201819/12/2018 16:18 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10RPO Compliance for FY17 by Exora Business Parks Pvt Ltd Bangalore-OrderExora Business Parks Pvt Ltd Bangalore18/12/201821/12/2018 12:18 
Y-01-16-Vol-IIDated 18.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by Bagalkot Cement and Industries Ltd Bagalkot-OrderBagalkot Cement and Industries Ltd Bagalkot-Order 18/12/201821/12/2018 12:31 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by Federal Mogul Goetze India Ltd RR.No.YHT 9 Yelahanka BangaloreFederal Mogul Goetze India Ltd RR.No.YHT 9 Yelahanka Bangalore14/12/201821/12/2018 12:41 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by Federal Mogul Goetze India Ltd RR.No.YHT8 Yelahanka BangaloreFederal Mogul Goetze India Ltd RR.No.YHT8 Yelahanka Bangalore14/12/201821/12/2018 12:53 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by S.K.Steel Tech.LtdS.K.Steel Tech.Ltd14/12/201821/12/2018 13:01 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by Vijayaa Steels Ltd Bangalore-OrderVijayaa Steels Ltd Bangalore14/12/201821/12/2018 13:10 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by HRG Alloys and Steel Pvt LtdHRG Alloys and Steel Pvt Ltd14/12/201821/12/2018 13:22 
Y/04/2012/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by Praxiar India Pvt LtdPraxiar India Pvt Ltd14/12/201821/12/2018 13:37 
Y/04/2017/Vol-10Dated 14.12.2018-RPO Compliance for FY17 by Grasim Industries Ltd Chemical Division KarwarGrasim Industries Ltd Chemical Division 14/12/201821/12/2018 13:58 
OP 92 of 2016Dated 19.12.2018-OP 92 of 2016-Athani Sugars Ltd Vs PCKL and others-OrderAthani Sugars Ltd Vs PCKL and others-Order19/12/201821/12/2018 16:06