Land Purchase Scheme

 Land Purchase Scheme:-

  • The purpose of implementation of the scheme is to make landless Scheduled Tribe women agricultural labourers as land owners.
  • The unit cost is Rs.15.00 lakhs, comprising of subsidy and loan in the ratio of          50 : 50. Loan carries interest at 6% p.a. Loan and interest is repayable in 10 years in yearly installments.
  • Total extent of dry/wet/garden land available within the unit cost will be purchased from the land owners not belonging to SC or ST and registered directly in the name of the beneficiary.

  1. For getting the Facily under Land Purchase Scheme the benficary should be  Female Land Less Agricutural Labourer from Schedule Tribes.
  2. Land Seller Sould not be from Scheduled Caste or  Scheduled Tribe community.
  3. The proposed buying  Land  Should be fit for for agriculture and should not violate rules of P.T.C.L , Land Reforms , Land Grant Rules, Forest Act etc.
  4. The basic documents for the land  RTC, No due Certificate From Banks, Mutation Copy, Sale Deed/Title Deed, Consent of Land Owner, and Other Records , Inspection Report of the Land has to be submitted  with  proposal to  District implimenation Committee.
  5. The proposals approved by the District Committee, has to be submitted for approval to Head Office with  required  Certified Copies and necessary documents.
  6. The Proposed Land to be purchased for beneficiary  has to be submitted along with Land Map and Rate List of the Land per acre  Provided by the District Regisrar has to be furnished.
  7. While Registering the Land in Sub Registrars office to the beneficiary, hypothecation of Land to the Corporation has to be Registered .  After Hypothication to the Corporation obtain copy and obtain RTC copies  and file it in Concerned individual beneficiary Record of the District.
  8. After  registering the land in the Name of the beneficiary, measurement of the Land has to be done by a surveyor and mark the boundaries , then Distrct manager has to hand over the Land to beneficiary , Action taken about this has to be recorded and file it concerned beneficiary Record along with Mahajar Report..
  9. The lands given to land-ownership schemes and irrigation facilities and other amenities has to be provided to beneficiaries  from co-ordination with other departments and help him take farming activities in that Land.
  10. A large number of landless families from schedule tribes living in the village . sorounded by cultivable agriculture land has to be identified, Proposed purchasing Land whould be in the limit of  5 Kms from residence of beneficry


Certified copies has to be submitted for sanction of Land Purchase Scheme


  1. Proceedings of the district implementation committee
  2. Certificate regarding the beneficiaries of the land is Agricultural Labourer.
  3. Needy Benficaries and Land owners Caste Certificate.
  4. Report in Form-1 from Sub-Divisional Officer / Tahasildar.
  5. Report in Form-2 from Taluk  Development Officer/District Manager on Land Inspection report.
  6. The price List  of land obtained from the Sub-registerars  office as per registration of Land, 6. List.
  7. Proceedings of the village selection Committee (Grama Sabha) along with beneficiary list.
  8. Extract of RTC having Irrigatioon Source and Croped details of the crops grown in that Land
  9. NOC from the service banks( bebaki) certificate
  10. Map of the Land (Rough Sketch)
  11. Past 13 years, (Encomburance Certificate) from the Sub Registrar about the Land
  12. Concent Letter from  land owners.
  13. Legal advisors opinion about the Land.
  14. Copy of the Video Shooted and  CD recorded  during inspection of the Land
  15. Certificate from Agricuture Officers of the Department regradrding fitness of propsed Dry Land for agriculture. Certification from irrigation department in the case propsed land is Wet or Gardem Land.


The Latest modified Rules and Circulars issued from  Head Office has to be followed  during implementation of the schemes.

​ Refer Corporation Act and Rules for further Scheme ​details.​​