New Goals​​​​  

Socio-economic empowerment

 Activities on Self-employment, Providing irrigation facilities ,economic empowerment of Schedule Tribes  through schemes on income generating activities as primary priority.  providing professional Vocational training  on Self Employment  will facilitate the community in  various income generating activities.


Proving  information about the schemes of the corporation and  implementation deficiencies and  grievances  about schemes  at District/Taluk/Village Level " Awareness (Samvada)" Programme has to be conducted  during   1st Saturday  of every month . Publicity has to be provided about the Corporation on various  Schemes  and targets through  Electronic media such as Radio, Television and, News Papers. Success Stories about the Programmes of schemes has to brought in Radio and Televisions through Samvada programme. For Identfying the Needy applicants( Beneficairies)  Wide publicity has to be provided through hand bills at Taluk and Gama Panchyath Level. Corporation has to provide annul targets of various schmes  in Notice Boards of Zilla Panchayath, Taluka Panchayath, District Mangagers of this Corporation and KMVSTDCL.

Coordination and the Market Facilities

Marketing facility has to be provided through co-ordination for the products of the beneficiaries, who have availed the Loan through Co-operative Milk Union, Other Co-operative Societies, Hopcoms, other Markets.  Co-ordinate like catalyst in providing  the  subsidies/facilities  to the beneficiaries  provided by others departments . Co-ordinate Gangakalayana beneficiaries for providing other facilities through Agriculture, Horticulture ,Co-operaive,  Water-Shed and, other departments. 

Debt collection campaign.

Maintaining Loan Ledger of beneficiaries through Supply of  Computers to the District Managers.  Computerisation of Loan Ledgers. Notice has to be issued  for recovery of balance of Loan. If the beneficiaries does not respond for one or two notices,final notice has to be issued to the beneficiary on recovery of Loan. Place and time has to be fixed  for Samvada Programme to the beneficiaries community on facilities of Loan Repayments regularly and explain the responsibility of the corporation to the beneficiaries. Monthly Recovery schedules has to be prepared in a year and identify the regularly repaid Loan beneficiaries through  awards in public function in presence of people representatives.  


 With the help of a computers  nigama's  functions of the office has to be improved  through the efficient computerized database management. Advanced information technology has to be used in computerization .



Citizen's Charter (Citizen Charter) corporation schemes and programmes and the annual targets has to be published in District Offices for inviting applications to various programmes. information has to be provided to applicants with checklist documents required for various schemes   and timely action has to be taken by the concerned. Benefits has to be delivered compulsorily in the presence of Public representatives.  As per the Govt of India Right information act 2005   rule 4(1)(b)  action has to be initiated on desired information to the applicant  within the prescribed time .

​Commitment to distinguished subjects

Detailed information on the Various programmes of this nigama  has to be provided to the beneficiaries before taking the loan and pre consultation programmes to be organized . To avoid mis utilization of  Loan ,  after the disbursement regular  inspection has to be carried out on assets  purchased through it. Publicity Programmes of the Nigama has to be has to be carried to the public through Audio progarmmes All India Radio , Telivision,  Newspapers..  In the case of Death of beneficiary  waving of Interest has to be recommended to the nigama by the concerned ..