The main objectives of the Board are: -                                             

  • To take up Socio-economic survey of the slums, in order to study the socio-economic conditions of the slum dwellers.
  • To identify and declare the slum areas as per Karnataka Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act 1973.
  • To take up environmental improvement, clearance and redevelopment of slums.
  • To provide housing and infrastructural facilities to slum dwellers with   Central, State assistance and HUDCO Loans.
  • To enable the slum dwellers to live in hygienic condition by providing basic amenities, such as drinking water, street lights, roads, drains, community bathroom, storm water drain and community hall wherever possible.
  • Scale up the delivery of civil amenities and provision of utilities with emphasis on universal access to the urban poor.
  • Provision of basic services to urban poor including security of tenure at affordable prices, improved housing, water supply, sanitation and ensuring delivery of other already existing universal services of the government for education, health and social security.
  • IEC activities are taken up to see that slum dwellers live in healthy and hygienic conditions.
  • To provide social awareness and community development with the help of CBO/ NGO’s.​