​​​​​​​State Government Schemes​


Slum Improvement Programme:

Karnataka Slum Development Board has declared 2397 slums having a population of 40.50 lakhs covering 6.18 lakhs households. For the improvement and betterment of some of these slums, during the year 2014-15 an amount of Rs.83.92 crores has been sanctioned in budget under the Slum Improvement Programme for providing basic amenities like drinking water, toilets, drains, roads, streetlights, etc.

Detailed Action plans of Slum Improvement Programme:​

click here for 2014-15 Action Plan

click here for 2015-16 Action Plan​​​

click here for 2016-17 Action​ Plan​​​

click here for Slum Improvement Action-Plan-IEC-2016-17

click here​ for Slu​m Improvement Action-Plan-IEC-2017-18​​​