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  • Objectives​

  • To make awareness to the public & students regarding fire prevention education has to been given to training teachers in order to get good result “Fire Warden” wing is established. In this wing almost 60-70 students are being trained and these students occupational life every year they are sharing fire prevention knowledge to 1000 of students​.

  • To save life and property of people from fire & other emergencies​.

  • To search and rescue from manmade and natural disasters.

  • To render advice on fire protection, fire prevention, emergency evacuation, mock drills.

  • To enforce fire safety measures in all fire hazardous places like multi-storied buildings, public amusement areas/resorts, public Assembly places, hazardous industries, warehouse / Godowns, commercial complexes and other such places.

  • To impart training i​n basic fire prevention, fire fighting, rescue operations, evacuation drills etc.

  • To provide standby fire fighting arrangements at large public Amusement areas, gatherings and important public meetings.

  • To create public awareness on fire prevention through mock drills, evacuation drills, fire fighting demonstrations, lecture classes, seminars, exhibitions etc and​

  • Addressing the issues of fire, rescue and emergency responses at grass root level through program SAFE – Students Association for Fire Education, designed keeping in mind younger generation and student community. ​​