Vision Mission

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  • ​​​The department aims to provide modernized Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and emergency Safe Evacuation measures to life and property in the jurisdiction defined in Fire and Emergency Services Act:
  • to reach the fire spot, within a minimum response time of 10 minutes, by zoning the area and coordinating with traffic regulators, based on fire risk; ​
  • to enhance the number of Fire Stations, scientifically designing and locating the Fire Stations;
  • to acquire and position need based hi-tech vehicles and equipment's​ in the fire stations; 
  • to impart the state of the art advanced training to personnel and officers;
  • to adopt fleet management and location finding gadgets to all emergency vehicles(GPS);
  • to set up state of the art static as well as mobile command and control systems; 
  • to procure multirole and all-rounder vehicles and equipment's; 
  • to bring all the Fire Stations and other allied agencies under a computer network for disaster management and real time management of a situation; 
  • to standardize the operational procedures and best practices;
  • to revamp the service by means of reforms in the department and
  • to live up to the expectation of the dictum “ We Serve to Save”, both during peace as well as war times.


  • A holistic approach to train soul, body and mind, to achieve an integrated Fire Commando Force, with a mandate to serve the society by saving life and property.