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      R & D Staff​

1.    Dr. Vijendra  S Sangam  ( M.Sc,Ag,Ph.D)  Deputy GM (PD & QC) and Head VRDC

2.    Mr. Kiran Kumar, (M.Sc, Ag) Mrs. Savita Gamanagatti ( M.Sc. Ag)

      Ongoing Research ​

1.    Implementation of Bt Cotton Hybrids by public sector agencies through KSSC in association with State agriculture Universities.

2.    Development New single cross Hybrids in Maize specific to different Maturity segments.

3.    Development of Compact Cotton varieties for machine picking

4.    Development of Sunflower hybrids with high yield and high oil content.

5.    Population Improvement Programs to derive new parental lines for heterosis breeding in all the focused crops.

6.    DNA fingerprinting of pipeline commercials and Germplasm lines.

7.    Breeding for sucking pest tolerance in Cotto​n along with good plant type aspects.​​


The VRDC research farm is located on NH-4 national highway adjacent to University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. The total land area is 38.19 Ha available for field experiments. The field is provided with good drainage and the soil type is red sandy loam to deep black clayey soils providing opportunity take up plant breeding research on various crops. The whole field is well fenced and divided into different blocks with proper identity and well connected by interior roads. Good warehousing & storage facility is available.

Molecular breeding laboratory is established for DNA fingerprinting, Quality check and for application of marker technology to plant breeding. The lab is provided with all essential equipments related to molecular breeding and seed quality testing.​