Sub Committee

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Sub Committee​

Sub-Committees Appointed by the Board

 In terms of Article 149 of the Articles of Association of the Corporation the Board hsd delegated powers to the following committees to exercise the powers delegated to them confirming to the regulations that may from time to time be imposed by the Board.

  1. Project / Acquisition of Land / Seed Processing Units / Recruitment / Promotion / Disciplinary / Man Power Requirements / Revision & Amendment of  Service Rules / Delegation of  Powers, etc.,:

1)   Acquisition of land, sites, buildings  for various organizational purposes :​

  1. From Government Departments / Public Sector Organizations / Public Sector Boards & Corporations / Universities.
  2. Approvals of plan and estimates of all construction works & interiors.
  3. Negotiation of tender rates by opening commercial bids for items at 1(b)
  4. Approval of proposals regarding maintenance and repairs to buildings.
  5. Need based local works to be done on departmental basis.

2)  Recruitments and Promotions :

  1. ​As per provisions of Service Rules and instructions issued from the Government covering State Public Sector Units (PSUs).
  2. Proposals of Service Rules Amendment.
  3. Disciplinary Proceedings as per Service Rules and instructions from Government considering Domestic enquiry proceedings.
1.      Managing Director​Chairman
2.      Director of ResearchMember
3.      NSC DirectorMember
4.      Elected Director Member
5.      Elected Director Member
6.      Elected Director Member
7.      Elected Director Member
8.      One Expert Member.For recruitment


II.  Purchase / Fixation of Procurement & Selling Rates / Disposal of Seeds for non-seed Purpose, etc., :

1.  Fixation of Procurement rates for seeds grown under the Corporations production programmes.

2.  To undertake procurement of seeds to make up shortfalls in own production programmes / expected additional requirements.

3.  To consider disposal of unfit seeds, packing materials, plant & machineries, Furniture & fixtures, etc.

4. To consider and finalize all other purchase proposals like packing materials, processing machineries, material handling equipments, storage devices, etc., which are put to tender or non tendered items like    Gift Articles, etc.  ​

1. Commissioner for Agriculture​Chairman​
2. Managing DirectorMember
3. Director of ResearchMember
4. NSC DirectorMember
5. Elected DirectorMember
6. Elected DirectorMember
7. Elected DirectorMember
8. Elected DirectorMember

III.   Finance & Audit Sub-Committee:

      1.  Review of quarterly Finance & Accounts.
      2.  Review and recommendations pertaining to Corporation's Budget for each financial year.
1.      Managing Director​Chairman
2.      Elected DirectorMember
3.      Elected DirectorMember
4.      Elected DirectorMember
5.      Elected DirectorMember

IV.    Allotment of Equity Shares to the Registered Seed Growers :

  1. Allotment of Equity shares to GOK, NSC and Seed Growers. (As and when applications are received for allotment of shares.)
  2. Issues related to Call Money.​
1.      Managing DirectorChairman
2.      Elected DirectorMember
3.      Elected DirectorMember
4.      Elected DirectorMember
5.      Elected DirectorMember