Advocate General Office

The principal activity of the office of the Advocate General is to file and conduct cases pertaining to the State Government before the Supreme Court, Karnataka High Court and Karnataka Administrative Tribunal and Central Administrative Tribunal where the State of Karnataka is a party to the case.

The Advocate General is the Head of this office. He is principal Legal Advisor to the Government. The State being the biggest litigant before the High Court and a party before the Supreme Court, KAT and CAT, to assist the Advocate General a team of Law Officers comprising of the Government Advocate (1), Additional Government Advocates (18), State Public Prosecutor (1), Additional State Public Prosecutors (3) and High Court Government Pleaders (33) have been appointed by the Government to look after the litigation work. Now there are in all 58 Law Officers including the Advocate General. The Government has recently appointed an Additional Advocate General at New Delhi. All the Law Officers work under the guidance and supervision of the Advocate General and they are accountable to the Advocate General and the Government. The administration in the Office of the Advocate General is looked after by administrative officer who is assisted by two Assistant Administrative Officers (one at main office and other at KAT unit), and 10 Section Officers and 1 Audit Officer. The Administrative Officer is authorized to sanction the remuneration bills of the Law Officers.