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The duties of the Railway Police are that of the District Police as per the Police Manual Order No.1868 and the duties of the Government Railway Police as regards the areas in their jurisdiction corresponding to those of the District Police in the areas under their charge. The Government Railway Police have in addition the following special duties;

  1. To maintain order at Railway stations and in trains. The term Order duties comprises:
    1. Control of passenger traffic within station premises, especially on platforms, in booking offices, waiting halls, at entrance and exit gates and wherever specially required in emergencies by the station officials;
    2. Control of vehicular and other traffic in station precints;
    3. Maintenance of order in passenger trains halted at stations and prevention of over-crowding in carriages;
    4. Supervision of loaded passenger trains standing in station;
    5. Arrest of persons guilty of committing nuisance, removal of persons suffering from infectious diseases and keeping of station premises clear of beggars;
    6. Examination of empty carriages on arrival at terminal stations for property left behind by passengers and inspection of carriages with a view to seeing that fittings have not been tamperted with;
    7. Removal of bodies of persons who died in trains or on station premises and conveyance to hospital of sick passengers
  2. To support to the proper authorities railway or civil the commission of offences under the Railways Act, and cases of fraud or oppression on the part of railway personnel;
  3. To enquiry into accidents on railway;
  4. To render assistance to railway officers and to the travelling in so far the rendering of such assistance is compitable with their own duties as Police Officers.

The Govt. Railway Police are responsible for the prevention and detection of crime on railways.