​Ceramics Engineering​​

Ceramics Engg , department in S.J.P is established in the year of 1948 is the only of its kind in the whole of Karnataka.

The overall development of the student is given utmost importance with conduction of extracurricular activities like talent shows, essay, debates, sports giving every student an opportunity to bring out their talents.

This department has the best industry institute interaction thanks to the total involvement of the Indian ceramic society. Bangalore chapter throughout the year for all the semester. Along with the basic knowledge of topics in ceramics like ceramic raw materials, enamels, glass geology , refractory’s etc.

Our students have the opportunity of being exposed to the latest technologies happening in the field of ceramics with the help of expert ceramists. Industries like B.H.E.LB H&R Johnson, Carborundum, Universal, Boruka Steel, MICO, ACC help our students in their project works well before their final year diploma. Factory visits, in-hours training is a regular feature in the curriculum to make our students technically component.​